DRIVING MAP-PRESCHOOLERWe in the circle of technical design Orsk city Palace of pioneers and schoolchildren is a homemade micro-car, only cards. Drive one of the older boys, they are machine fit like a glove. For younger this cards great: feet not reaching the pedals. And other machines not yet built. How to be?

We did a second row of controls: put them on the frame, as shown in the figure, is closer to the driver’s seat and joined them with the first rigid rods.
Each noveya pedal — a copy of the old one. And mounting method is the same: the lever is welded to the leg pipe and rotates around the horizontal axis. Only the y-axis “malyshovogo” number this time common.
Any difficulties in driving map this innovation has not made it perfectly reacts ka every command of the driver. The only limitation imposed by us, — the speed.
Extra pedal
Extra pedals:
1 — the main pedal 2, 6 — preparense brackets, 3 — rod, 4 — bolt, 5 — optional foot pedal, 7 — segment tube. 8 — bracket on the frame 9 — pin, 10 — frame, 11 — axis pedals.

Now the kids are in no way inferior to their elders: having acquired theoretical knowledge as well quickly acquire the skills of driving a micro-car, only.
…Trained preschoolers — extra pedals can be removed. Their removal, however, and installation takes only a minute or two.

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