SNEGOKAT FOR SPORT AND RESTIn the winter time of the year for motorsports fans there is a period of relative calm. The reason is the bad conditions in which falls the driver, drove on snowy, sometimes icy road on your two-wheeled friend. But on the road you can only travel on a specially prepared (spiked wheels) motorcycle.

Using the idea proposed by Y. Baykovym from Saratov, you will get a machine perfectly adapted for a variety of winter sports and recreation. It will replace traditional cards in racing on flat ground and the bike in competitions on rough terrain, as it has an enviable stability and maneuverability. Its own mass of about 70 kg of snegokat easily speeds up to 50 km/h. It can be used in summer, putting skis instead of wheels.
Snegokat — tricycle wheel-ski vehicle with the engine T-200 from scooter “Tourist”. This is one of the most reliable two stroke motors equipped with forced air cooling, powerful starter and generator.
Spatial welded frame of the vehicle is made of steel pipes with a diameter of 32 mm and consists of a transverse beam, on which the body column of the front legs and steering, two side members and the subframe of the seat, connected by a pair of struts and braces. In addition, it is reinforced by several cross members and gussets and also protected from a frontal impact with an arc, simultaneously serving for the installation of the flap fairing. The side flaps, partly closing wheel, designed to avoid falling into the chain or under a wheel of the clothing of the driver and the strengthening of the cantilever part of the subframe of the seat.
To simplify the process of assembling the frame to ensure greater precision of its execution, it is best to use the simplest slipway, on which is rigidly fixed all the elements of the frame in accordance with the working drawing.
The layout of snegokat
The layout of snegokat:
1 — ski, 2 — attenuator, 3 — plate-fairing, 4 — wheel (off the bike of the Salyut type), 5—seat, 6— tank, 7 — damper, 8 — wheel (5×10″), 9 — lateral plate, 10 — engine T-200, 11 — took, 12— leash steering system, (steel 45, the sheet s5, 2 PCs.), 13 bracket, steering (45 steel, sheet s5), 14— fry (45 steel, sheet s5), 15— axis (M12, 4-piece), 16— frame, 17 brake pedal 18 pedal shifter, 19— pins (45 steel, rod Ø 5), 20— bolt step M6, 21 — steering column housing main (STZ), 22— the steering shaft (steel 45), 23 — beam of the frame transverse, 24— 101,25 bearing cover (STZ), a 26 — Klondike (STZ, sheet s2), a 27 — bearing 8102, 28 — front steering 29 — bushing support (bronze), 30 — bushing mounting carrier (bronze), 31 — shaft support steering (STZ), 32 — key 33 — steering column housing front support (STZ).
Frame (all parts are made STZ)

Frame (all parts are made of Vs):
1 — body steering column front legs, 2 main body steering column, 3 — kerchief covering, 4 — cross (pipe 32×2,5, 5 units), 5 — beam cross-section (pipe 32×2,5), 6 — spars (pipe 32×2,5), 7 — mounting bracket engine (sheet s5) 8 struts (pipe 32×2,5), 9 is the subframe of the seat (tube 32×2,5), 10 — pads side (the sheet s1,5), 11 — bracket wheel mounting (sheet s5), 12 — headscarf (sheet s2), 13 — arc-subframe-fairing (pipe 21×1,5).

1— sole 2 — rib, 3 — undercut, 4— M5 screw (6 PCs.).
Seat frame (plywood's 10)

The seat frame (plywood s 10).
Chiseled body column is welded to the cross beam under an angle of 67° to the plane in which the side members. Mount secondary housing for greater rigidity reinforced by covering with a scarf.
The steering column shaft rotates in two bearings. The upper part is machined at the inner diameter of the steering rack and is fixed in it by two pins. This part is welded and fry the steering mechanism. When you turn the steering wheel in either direction it over the bar expands both front legs leash. Leashes, mounted on steering shafts of the supports with dowels, provide the appropriate angle of rotation of the carrier and skis. In the columns of the supports instead of bearings applied bronze bushings (you can install a nylon or PTFE). The shaft support has a lug serving for the mounting of the shock absorber and the carrier. Last mounted on a common axis through bronze bushings and washers. As shock absorbers of the front legs is used a standard napadovska.
A leading wheel is mounted in special brackets from sheet steel placed in the slots of the rails and then welded thereto and to the uprights of the frame. The wheel of the sidecar is taken from the FDD, but with the widened rim. How he usherette, in our publications already discussed. In short, we here use the fact that the design of the rim is collapsible and, if necessary, between its halves are also gaskets or spacers. On the same rim, put the brake drum and sprocket driven. The latter can be engaged from scooter “Tourist” and homemade — it all depends on what maximum speed you plan to travel on your snegokat.
The engine is mounted on the frame behind the regular front and lower nodes. For this purpose, the respective cross members of the frame are welded return brackets. To ensure the accuracy of installation of these parts, they are pre-fixed to the motor, which is then put on the frame, and grab the brackets by welding. Then check the correctness of their installation (master and slave sprockets must be in the same plane), remove the motor from the frame and finally boil fasteners.
Exhaust pipe and muffler are derived under the seat. There is enough space to accommodate them, and they are in hardly accessible and safe place for the driver. They are fixed with clamps and clips.
Ski snegokat consists of sole, ribs and podraza. The first two parts are cut from aluminum sheet and are welded among themselves in argon, it is desirable that the third was removable. This is because the undercut fairly quickly wears out and must be periodically replaced or undermine. In addition, this design allows the use of undercuts of different heights — depending on the thickness of snow cover and its condition (fresh or Packed snow, crust or ice). As for ribs, it is also the bracket, to which are attached a shock-absorber and carrier.
The manufacturer of the seat should not cause great difficulties, as it is based on a plywood frame having elevation in the front to cover a slightly projecting above the subframe of the cylinder head in the rear for the gas tank. Frame covered with polyurethane foam and covered with faux leather, securely fastened to the sub-frame easily removable locks or more bolts.
A special attraction of the car will give a brightly painted front fairing mounted on the arc-the sub-frame on the screws. It is best to cut out of thin sheet duralumin, gently bend the leading edge and the seams are welded.

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