MINI-TRACTOR FROM LITHUANIAThe Internet has no boundaries and it brings people together. Especially like-minded people. On the website user under the name сеnteur from Lithuania is presenting its all-wheel drive mini-tractor with “broken” frame, which has been in operation for twenty years. The engine it — UD-2M. Gear shift — from a motorcycle “Dnepr” and 2-speed gearbox with neutral position — from the old blower to provide mini tractor with eight speeds forward and two back from 1 km/h to 17 km/h.

Bridges from the old “Moskvich” M-401, short. Swing diameter wheels — 720 mm. Base — 1.2 m, turning radius of only two meters.
Steering from a Volvo 740.
Mini tractor used as a tractor trailer truck, a cultivator, two harrows.

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