MACHINEDiamond glass cutter perfectly cut pane of glass, but the correct use of them is not so easy. Unfortunately, the skills come only when a dozen of the glasses will be irreparably damaged, and the accurate cut out not always. To prevent this from happening, in the process of cutting you want to keep the tool perpendicular to the glass. Pressing force on the tool should be such that diamond left behind when moving a flat, thin, barely visible line. If the force is large, it creates a wide scratch and a touch of glass dust as the glaziers, diamond “barite”. At insufficient same pressing tool scratch does not work at all.

I have developed a device that provides diamond perpendicular to the glass surface and the straightness of its movement. It remains only to monitor the pressing force on the glass cutter.
Table sawn from a wood plate. The left and bottom sides must be strictly rectilinear and perpendicular to each other, because they serve as guides. On the same side of the glue line-emphasis section 2X30 mm of beech IPE birch slats, they are laid out dividing step of 5 mm. Zero mark should be in top right angle.
The rail rassini — beech or birch, its dimensions — 10X38X500 mm. At one end of the slats made in the recess where the bolt with countersunk head is attached to the holder of the glass cutter. The reference point for the tick marks that should be applied to rail rassini is the edge guide bars of a table.
On the guide strap rassini retainer is installed slats. Leather friction lining retainer and the holder of the glass cutter fixed with glue “88”. The rail rassini should move in the guide quite freely, but without backlash.
Fig. 1. A device for cutting glass
Fig. 1. A device for cutting glass:
1 — retainer Reiki rassini, 2 — guide bar of rassini, 3 — line-stops, 4 — table, 5 — holder, diamond glass cutter, 6 — diamond glass cutter, 7 — rail rassini.

Fig. 2. Retainer Reiki rassini
Fig. 2. Retainer Reiki rassini:
1 — M8 bolt, 2 — rod, 3 bracket, 4 — pressure washer, 5 — leather trim.

Fig. 3. The holder of the glass cutter
Fig. 3. The holder of the glass cutter:
1 — base 2 — front, 3 — rivet 4 — clamp screw 5 — washer 6 — leather trim.

Fig. 4. Guide bar of rassini.
Fig. 4. Guide bar of rassini.
In conclusion, all the wooden parts of the fixture are covered with several layers of furniture varnish.
For the work fixture mounted to a workbench or a stable table. The glass cutter is inserted into the holder and secured it with the screw. The size of the cut-glass fixed at the divisions marked on the bounding rail of the table. The glass sheet is placed ka table close to the limiting lines. Movement Reiki on yourself is the risk on the glass. Cut glass using a as the base or the lower left side of the table.
Yuri ZHDANOV, a teacher of

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