SELF LOADERThe country’s economy demands a more versatile, capable of performing several operations simultaneously or transformable vehicles. Very seriously, and most importantly — an inexhaustible invention relate to the creation of advanced machines of its kind in Cute Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. They first wonder how fresh and original ideas in design! And potam admire the elegance and completeness of solution. No wonder the mentors Kutuzov along with making the guys thinking out of the box many time I spend in the formation of their aesthetic taste, sense of harmony.

We present to the readers of one of the developments of the laboratory — model multi-purpose tractor Era, made by the young designer Sergey Dmitriev.
“Era” — an unusual tractor. It is designed to move bulk cargo. And to work, for example, in the career can own, without the help of the excavator. To do this, he has a special body type-bucket, who gets the soil. How does the tractor-truck!
A four-wheel drive, pneumatic off-road, wheels, chassis of the tractor includes an engine and Sabine tractor. Here a slip with winch — sloping back cargo area, along which moves a wedge-shaped body scoop. Automatically closing rear wall of the body hinged to the edge of the slip and back, is for the gangway.
Now a few words about the cabin. She’s comfortable, she’s a good review, which is important when driving off-road. The whole post control “Era” assembled on a rotating plat-form. All together: seat, instrument panel, levers, pedals can be rotated in the direction in the moment, you need to watch.
Sequence of operation of samopoczucie
The sequence of operation of samopoczucia:
A — front, B — bucket lowered, In — running winch, G — “Era” loaded.

So “Era” in his career. Winch weakens the tension of the ropes and the body slides down the slip to the ground. At the same tailgate folds down, freeing his way. The tractor pulls away, unwinding the ropes. Then the driver captures the “Era” in place and includes a winch. Body type-bucket, filling the road with soil, pulled by the tractor and on the rails “climbs” on the slip. The tailgate closes automatically. All you can go. Poured the cargo just — opened tailgate Yes pulled away.
The bucket can be digging and trench for silage pits. But this is not all the possibilities “Era”. Change mounted the unit and it will turn into a bulldozer, drilling rig, in good Plowman. Sergey Dmitriev proposes to equip the tractor with a plow with electrovibrators and two chisels. Then, when plowing rocky soil and thick layers of well comminuted and easily fall off.
It remains to add that the model of the tractor is remotely controlled, has chetyrehkantnyj remote. Tests have shown that the loading mechanism is working properly. So, the idea of the body” of the bucket has a future.
M. LARKIN, Novosibirsk, Russia

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