IN FLIGHT ... ON A BOATFlying boat-or rather amphibious, Gennady Ivanov from Samara were built 14 years because almost all he did in his spare time loves, no less than his hobby – aviation. The design of the aircraft is metal. A wing span of 10.25 m, its chord – 1250 mm, profile R-2F with the relative thickness of 15% and a small angle reverse sweep. Length – 6,8 m, takeoff weight of 495 kg. the Engine was first Subaru, but was weak, cruising speed with it was only 85 km/h. Then put the aviation engine M-332. Main wheels size 400×150 mm, are cleaned through a chain transmission mechanism of the rudder and stabilizer from the L-29. Front size 300×150 mm retracted by an electric motor power of 100 W, which turns the propeller control mechanism. By next winter, plans to put the amphibian on ski gear. The wheel of the boat sliding on the water the machine is operated too easily.