SNOW Snow scooter “the little humpbacked Horse” — advanced single track sled with steering from the mountains for skiing on-piste slalom or downhill. In different countries such sleds have different names: “snow bike”, “snow horse”, “ski-Bob”, “ski-Doo” (“the snow flea”). And they are made variously depending on the purpose and conditions of operation.

However, the vast majority of these sleds are not have a reliable depreciation, and riding on them, especially on a hard crust, unpleasant and unsafe. That is not the case ride suspension single-track sleds: the course is much softer, better handling, wear, sledges (due to the elasticity of the suspension) is significantly less.
That is why we undertook the construction of their “humpbacked Horse”. The first test in the snow confirmed our assumptions and calculations. From wanting to ride, there was no end! It was a lot of requests about publishing drawings for construction and even of the serial production of the Horse industry. Performing the first request (the second does not depend on us), we introduce readers to “M-K” with the design of the sled (General view and detail are shown in figure 1).
The basis of the chassis — two short skis. It is desirable to have metal edges and a plastic sole: this will increase their lifespan and allow you to more confidently make turns. During the construction of the “humpbacked Horse”, we used old wooden slalom ski factory in Mukachevo, which cut off the nose (front part) and the remaining piece, making the bend, made the rear ski. “Lianqi” worn on the feet of the driver, can also be made of old slalom skis on similar technology.
Fig. 1. Ski-Bob
Fig. 1. Ski-Bob “the little humpbacked Horse”:
A — General view: 1 — front (steering) ski, 2 — rubber cord-attenuator, 3 — the clamp levers front fork, 4 — axis front of the ski, 5 — Shoe plugs, 6 — pen plugs, 7 — upper fork bridge 8 clamps the steering wheel, 9 — stand, 10 — steering wheel 11 — spinal tube frame, 12 — brace frame, 13 — saddle “sofa” type, 14 — rear plug, 15 — crossmember shock absorber and strut, 16 — shock 17 — rear ski; — ski for the toe: 1 bracket (for mounting to toe), 2 — Potocnik, 3 — brake comb; In — view in three planes; G — main dimensions redone front forks from a motorbike Verkhovina korotkoruchko type. In addition to plug such a sample, for ski Bob can be applied to the telescopic fork (from a moped “Riga” and “Verkhovyna”)
Fig. 2. The join node fork ski
Fig. 2. The join node of the fork with ski:
1 — ski, 2 — M6 bolts 3 — the clip 4 — axis from the moped, 5 — Bush, 6 — wishbone fork; A — scan staples
Frame composed of two front forks from a motorbike “Verkhovyna” with korotkoruchko suspension system of the wheel (see Fig. 1), frame worn road bike and a spring-hydraulic shock absorber of the motorcycle of the Minsk plant. It’s rather rigid structure, able to withstand shocks and bumps, suspension with five suspension points of the skis, providing a longitudinal swing — and small bends to the side due to the asymmetrical compression of the right and left feathers forks.
To connect the frame with the skis they are mounted staples made in accordance with figure 2 of steel thickness of 5 mm, for which M8 bolts are fastened levers forks and lower tip of the absorber. For fixing plugs, you can replace the bolts to use an axis from a motorbike — they are sold in specialized stores.
The steering wheel is rounded, like the car steering wheel. This is done for reasons of security of the handlebars in case of falls, which are often on steep slopes, can cause bruises and even injuries.
The saddle (Fig. 3) “divan” type allows the driver to change within wide limits the alignment of the sled, moving forward or backward, if necessary, at this saddle you can ride together (assuming that the weight of the second person will not exceed 60 kg). You can apply a saddle and a motorcycle or scooter.
The amount of welding work required in the construction of “humpbacked Horse”, a small, but must be performed by a good professional welder at a high level; it should be remembered that the tubes of Bicycle frames are very afraid of burnout. After welding the frame should be thoroughly cleaned of slag and burnt paint, proshpaklevat and to paint some bright color to the sled was more visible in the snow.
After sea trials of the sled that should be on the slopes of average steepness, it is recommended to check all bolting to adjust them and lock wire nuts; or drilled them with a thin drill bit through the bolt, or using castellated nuts (in this case only drilled bolt).
Fig. 3. The technology of manufacturing the saddle
Fig. 3. The technology of manufacturing the saddle “sofa” type.
Fig. 4. Advanced skis (“lianqi”); dimensions are given for an athlete weighing up to 70 kg:
A — ski, B — brake comb.
Short skis worn on the feet of the driver (Fig. 4) play a dual role: they serve to maintain the stability on the turns, on the one hand, and, if necessary, apply the brakes. For braking the heel is lowered down, and the brush, crashing in the snow, allows you to stop quickly. In addition, the driver with little ski can without falling, to walk alone in the snow, and even down from the mountains through the ski area.
In use, the sled require minimal care, which includes the following: regular check of a condition of a sliding surface of the ski and lubrication with appropriate weather ski ointments (if the ski is wood); trimming hangnails, incorporation of a synthetic adhesive damage, if the sole of the ski is covered with plastic; verification of all bolted connections and the integrity of the weld before each run.
G. MALINOWSKI, master of sports of the USSR

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