With the improvement of living conditions, there is a desire to aesthetically design the interior. And it’s not necessary to purchase expensive Western type — the problem can be solved and a more modest decorative techniques, equally effective even in the presence of the usual furniture.
For example, with… screen. Usually it is simply used as a lightweight foldable otvorotka, in connection with which it folds, as a rule, are opaque panelwe with the use of tissue or other related materials.


However, the screen is very convenient for its design and for interior decoration. This decorative option offered by the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster”
Unlike traditional solutions, in the wings there is an opaque fill, so the screen is perceived as beautiful openwork wall, which can be installed almost anywhere and not with the purpose to hide what is behind it, and to kind of highlight a particular part of the premises. The new as it rather plays a functional and aesthetic role, like patterned garden lattices.
Indeed, it is enough to have such a decorative screen in a large nezaslujenno the wall, put next to a vase with flowers — get the illusion of pseudosarcoma or summer mini garden (Fig.3).
Particularly impressive use of decorative screens for the spatial division of space into functional zones, for example, separation with the help of area or a cozy dining section (Fig.4)
More importantly, what a beautiful intricacy of the sash is achieved in a very simple way, and looks very advantageous.
For the considered decorative screens will not require any scarce materials, it is sufficient to have a wooden bruski section 30×20 mm and a sheet of plywood with a thickness of 3-5 mm.
Production screen
Fig. 1. The manufacture of screens:
1 — frame Assembly sash; 2 — Doug cutting in mitre box; 3 — set of arcs in the fold

Decorative cover
Fig.2. Decorative cover:
1 — fold stand; 2 — cross sash; 3 — orginalna tie; 4 — hinges; And small arc patterns; B — large arc

From bars to make a rack and cross member of the sash: connected using plug-in round thorns or just screws, they form a rigid frame, additionally reinforced in the middle set of vertical ties of the same bars. In the end, the leaf looks like a window, into which glass is inserted uorouracil elements. They represent the plywood strips cut from the sheet prepared for the joint Assembly with slots to half the width of the strip.
The location of such cuts in the strips is calculated so that each assembled from two separate strips of pattern turns out quite springy and would due to this simply be inserted into the corresponding window sash even without additional bonding (Fig.1). However the contact points of the patterned apeement with details folds to lubricate the seal strength of glue — PVA or carpenter’s
Wall interior decoration patterned curtain
Fig. 3. Wall interior decoration patterned screen

The selection of the functional area of the interior
Fig. 4. The selection of the functional area of the interior “dining room”— decorative screen
Before final Assembly all the blanks screens are traditional for furniture finished with a thorough sanding with emery cloth, if desired, the processing stain and coating furniture pack in several layers with intermediate drying is mandatory. You can also use empewah colors, for example, the squared part is painted in one color and patterned.
The sash screen is optional to connect with piano hinges: oddly enough, even here will look better common card small loop (the so-called Vostochnyi).
Traditionally screens are of three folds. However, decorative screen, depending on its use and destination, you can collect and four-five cusps, and if necessary and more precum do not have one continuous “snake” for example, the area may separate two adjacent screens, and one of the valves to play rope a kind of “front door”.

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