THROUGH SWAMPS AND OBSTACLESTHROUGH SWAMPS AND OBSTACLESThe letter came from the Bashkir village of chishma from the subscriber of our magazine Damir Danova. Damir talks about his neighbor — the avtokonstruktor-enthusiast Alexei Maskaev, which, while still in school I started to build different machines.

In the photo — the last and most interesting of all-terrain vehicle created by Alexey with his friends. It is assembled on the modernized chassis of GAZ-66; wheel set: wheels from GAZ-66 and rim from the tractor T — 150, the tires are also from the tractor T-150; the body is altered from “Mitsubishi Pajero”.
The car’s traction enviable: he easily overcomes impassable swamps and half-meter hurdles. And on the highway, despite the large wheels, behaves confidently: without delay on the straights and roll on the turns.

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