WIDER TREAD, AUTOMODELISME!So, automodelisme entered into the maturity. Twenty years behind — a considerable period in the life of any sport. Anyway, quite enough to sum up many outcomes, and to outline prospects for the future. Maturity. Tens of thousands of children of all ages engaged in self-similar groups and laboratories. A week ago in Zelenograd outside Moscow all-Russian and all-Union competition of models on sleigh starts out of young athletes from Riga, Penza, Vladivostok and Kamensk Ural’skiy — from 16 regions of the Russian Federation and six republics. But winter race — specific type of automodelisme, and they are not completely reveal the geography and characterize the breadth of this technical sport scholars in the country.

Maturity. This increase of skill of young sportsmen and — alas! — very young luminaries of the hobby who started twenty years ago. This victory on major international competitions, European and world speed records, the establishment of national directions in automodelisme. Finally, the development of models of such quality and perfection that they become for its time reference. This sensitivity to new trends, the emergence of which is visibly only a very experienced eye: whether it be spaced wheels on the high-speed córdoba or the “split” form with copies of the internal combustion engine.
And finally, most importantly, what characterizes maturity, including the maturity of the sport — and the real impact. Mass is, of course, perfect! Records is of course important, too. But in the name of what? But in the name of what! Esli only list the names of former avtomodelistov who today work in the automobile factories, depots, transport, steel excellent Finmeccanica, designers, highly skilled professionals, not enough of these pages. Due to passion automodelismo they found my main path in life, and the country has received hundreds and hundreds of superb, skilled, love what they do specialists. This is the main result automodelismo lived twenty years, and he testifies that those years were not in vain.
But twenty years is the age of youth. And the current generation of avtomodelistov and their managers is looking not so much in the past as in the future, plans, arguing about which way to go automodelismo on. Thoughts about the future were specified on the original readers ‘ conferences of our magazine, which was held in Zelenograd before the beginning of the VIII all-Union Junior competition on the self-similar sports.
Telling readers about this conversation, we believe that it is only the beginning of a discussion of problems and prospects of self-similar activities and invite all those who care about the development of automodelisme, to participate in the opening now on the pages of the magazine debate.
The main problems of automodelisme today — the expansion of the mass, improving the quality of the design and development of new areas, new varieties of this technical sport. This conclusion agreed the participants in the readers ‘ conference conducted by our magazine.
On a frosty January day near a makeshift track VIII all-Union competition of young men on a self-similar activities under the incessant hum of warmed up engines had this meeting of the editorial staff with the heads of self-similar groups and laboratories in many areas of the Russian Federation, six republics, the cities of Moscow and Leningrad.
Was outspoken and principled conversation about the journal’s publications, on its activities related to the further development of automodelisme about what materials you expect from your “desktop” magazine readers.
The editors will take into account the wishes expressed at the meeting and during the competition and will make plans in accordance with them. We hope that in the next room “Modeller” young designers can find more information on various models of leading athletes, about the interesting finds lovers of the experiment, the latest automobile, produced by domestic and foreign industry, and the machinery included in the history of world automotive industry. We will try to pay more attention to the materials about the work with the engine (requested by many speakers), for the manufacture of various parts and components of the copies. And of course, to publish drawings and descriptions of the most promising models in our day of direction — speed RC with an internal combustion engine.
In short, the participants of the conference, and thousands of readers can continue to count on the “Modeller” as a reliable and consistent helper and Advisor.
The participants of the conference journal has raised a number of issues related to prospects of development of automodelisme, which is here to tell us more.
First of all, it was about designing high-speed cord models with internal combustion engine (ice). Talked about this and the teacher labour one of schools of the Tyumen region Dmitry Solovyov and the head of the self-similar boundary circle syut Vladivostok V. Dmitrenko, and a representative of the team of Kabardino-Balkar Republic N. Of the lectern. They are concerned about a significant gap in the perfection of the designs of a relatively small group of wizards and the bulk of avtomodelistov. This discrepancy cannot be explained only by the presence of more experienced athletes have the best engines. Our industry now — and this is not just discussed in meetings — learned, the excellent engines of small categories, being able to contact with whom is not afraid to go out on any track. But the models themselves masters often remain for the rest of the modelers “mystery”. The reason is simple: almost never cross paths with senior and Junior modelers. Even the participants of the national youth competition fails to look at the reference samples of the models participating and the winners of the all-Union and international meetings of adult athletes avtomodelistov. That’s why, according to leaders of circles, the time has come for the release of a book or album, where it was told would be in the details on these models. And in the pages of “Modeler” he would like to see more often performances of experienced designers racing.
One of the best copyists of the country, the Leningrad S. Solecki, Director CUT from Voronezh R. Semenov, and others, commending published in our journal series “Famous cars” at the same time stressed that it still reduces the “hunger” for accurate drawings and descriptions of cars of modern design. Our guys were stressed, they enthusiastically copied the domestic cars of recent model years. The value of this cannot be overstated: building such a copy, the kid not only gets acquainted with the device of the car, begins to understand in the interaction of its mechanisms, but also realizes a high technical level reached the domestic automotive industry. But modern production cars are not satisfied with the copiers as prototypes of the models today. Their relatively low flow does not allow all of these tiny “Volga” and “Zhiguli” to develop a speed comparable with the speed of models of sports cars for road-racing and track racing. Of the prototypes of the cars of the socialist countries approaching the required forms, you can name just published in the journal of “Skoda-P110″. What is the output? Some members made suggestions to amend the self-similar rules restricting today of copyists only vehicles with a closed” wheels and cabins. This would allow the guys to take for a basis of designing of machines of the race “Estonia”, racing cars other formulas. It expressed the view that in exceptional cases, provided that the Modeler will present accurate drawings published in the journal, you can copy and the best homemade cars, a modern design and suitable for streamlining. Apparently, all it is useful to consider when working on a new self-similar rules.
In any case, the steps in this direction are necessary because otherwise our cordotomy swamped with “Lotus”, “Maserati” and similar automotive “monsters”. We have to oppose them, and it is our duty to make the young automodellista do not create false ideas about the possibilities of domestic appliances.
By the way, about the young automodelisme. Literally all of the speakers in readers ‘ conferences was based primarily on his needs and talked about what we need to do to improve the skills of young modelers, faster to put them on a par with leading designers.
That it can build, this young Avtomobilist? What is his ability? The characteristic idea was voiced in the speech of the head of the self-similar mug Republican syut Armenia V. Zargaryan.
We are still judged at times about the possibilities of guys, looking back at the past years. And modelers so early getting older! I can confidently say: our Pets under the power of any complexity and speed and copies!
We will add, and not only residents. The last all-Union competitions confirmed once again that the class design of our young modelers has grown very significantly.
But where we should start? And it is necessary to develop mass, which, in the opinion of the conference participants, is still far from sufficient. And then, as if by agreement, many remember the trace modeling, which has had a short history, the period of sharp rise and equally sharp fall.
The participants mentioned all-Union competition held by our journal, together with enthusiasts from the stations of young technicians. Despite the fact that at that time the tracks didn’t support the Federation of auto modeling sport, the number of their adherents in the late 60’s-early 70’s grew like a snowball. Track built at stations of young technicians, in Cuthah and Palaces of pioneers, they appeared in many schools. It seemed a little more, and they will become a kind of “Trojan horse” that will allow us to get to school and modeling, classic…
The first attack failed. The conference participants noted with regret that the lack of incentives for further development of highway modeling (inclusion in the unified sports classification, recognition, lack of funds to conduct the competition) slowed his further progress. Tracks started regrouping. They have not abandoned their sport. They haven’t lost the won positions. No all-Union competition? Will hold Republican! So decided in Latvia and Ukraine. And spend!
But time has made some changes in relation to the trace models. Even the most ardent adherents of a new kind of automodelisme became clear that this sport is for beginners, most is self-similar sport than the sport in its purest form. And clearer became the sphere of influence of highway-based modeling: the Palaces and Houses of pioneers, pioneer camps, schools. That’s why to publish as much material as possible on the highway modelling have asked the magazine staff at children’s extracurricular institutions involved in readers ‘ conferences. However, they emphasized that such a journal will do a good job for several categories of modelers: of tracks, of copyists and of the representatives of the youngest in our days directions in automodelisme — speed radio controlled model with internal combustion Engines.
Speakers emphasized that today the Soviet modelers there are all conditions for creative development of this promising direction. Is there a good reliable motors with a launch mass radio sold at very affordable prices. Finally, there is the experience design of bodies and chassis, the exhaust on cord copies. High-speed RC being built right now in many cities, and apparently this summer under the auspices of the Federation of auto modeling sport of the USSR will be carried out their first test starts. Now for a little over operational information from the groups and laboratories of automodelisme’s readiness to participate in such competitions.
Participants in the readers ‘ conference was of course raised many more questions than those reflected in this report. They stressed that, despite some improvement in the supply of our mugs are still experiencing a lot of difficulties. Rose and the staffing of teachers. Still a great theme — the construction of kartodromo: decent track has today, even self-similar Central laboratory. But tellingly, these were not crabby notes and pessimism, which is appeared in years past. Managers automodelisme with confidence spoke about the future, that all these difficulties can be overcome, shared experiences. Summing up their opinions, the chief of CAML, Executive Secretary of the Federation of auto modeling sport of the USSR Mikhail Osipov have said:
Challenges we are talking about today, is far less significant than those that faced automodelismo in the early years. Overcome those and will overcome these if we work together and help each other: DOSAAF, educators, trade unions, the Komsomol.
There is no doubt that it will.

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