All work on the farm or village is a combination of construction, transport and purely agricultural work. And if to facilitate the latter, you can purchase various small tools and equipment — from the tiller to the tractor, all other works good except a trailer to a passenger car, truck for walk-behind tractor or scooter “Ant”. Passenger car with a cargo trailer good for an asphalt highway, and to carry it peat or manure on unpaved roads, to turn on a dime or, God forbid, to reverse the lesson is that for a professional driver.

Walk-behind with cart is a suitable cargo vehicle, but it “pedestrian” speed and low permeability make any transport of goods in a long and tedious task.
Motor scooter cargo “the Ant” is also good, but it lack sometimes nullify all of his decent-tion. The main one is the lack of a fourth wheel’. The need to lay a third track substantially reduces the permeability of malogruzovaja, does not allow to pass between the wheel ruts and stones, makes it impossible to move as the ridges and troughs of the track. And “Ant” — lack the cockpit that turns the trip in the cold season or bad weather in torment.
The desire to have a car without these drawbacks led to the emergence of this double comfortable malogruzovaja with a body volume of 0.7 m3, dubbed the “CD-200”.
The machine is designed using the engine from the cargo scooter TG-200 m and two in front of them, bridges, main gear steering and motorized wheelchairs from the FDD.
Easy motokrosove
Easy motokrosove “CD-200”
The layout of the car
The layout of the car:
1 — cabin; 2 — clamp fuel tank (steel, strip 50×2); 3 — fuel tank (canister with a capacity of 10 liters); 4 — niche in the back under the engine cylinder (steel, sheet s2); 5 — side piping (aluminum, angle 30x30x3); 6 — fastening edging (M5 bolt with a nut); 7 — side panel (plywood s12); 8 — lock tailgate; 9 — a connecting elements of the body (duralumin, area 30x30x3); 10 — loop drop side; 11 —block rear lights; 12 —base of the body (pine, whetstone 90×40); 13,40 — attachment points of the body; 14 — main gear (motorized FDD); 15,27 — spring-hydraulic shock absorbers (“Sunrise”); 16 — engine TG-200M; 17,22 — reinforcing gusset plate of the frame spar (steel, sheet s3); 18 — rear axle (front axle from motorized FDD); 19,25 — frame rails (steel, pipe 40×3); 20 — muffler; 21 — exhaust pipe; 23,26 — crossmember fixing seat and the cab (steel, pipe 20×2,5); 24 — seat driver and passenger;28 — front axle (from sidecar FDD); 29 — tie-rod; 30 — rack and pinion (type FDD); 31 — steering column (type FDD); 32 — the steering wheel; 33,34 — crossmember engine mounts (steel, pipe 30×3); 35 — a-Shoe mount bracket-main gear (steel, channel 60x40x3); 36 — bracket main gear (steel, sheet s3); 37 — mount body (the bolt M8 with nut); 38 — crossbar mounting main gear (steel, pipe 30×3); 39 — mount main gear (bolt M10 with nut and spring washer)

Rear axle of the truck is a modified front axle of the sidecar FDD — wheel hubs were cut off the pipes and welded the brackets with the holes for the fingers attaching to the arms of the bridge. Besides the regular hydraulic damper is replaced by a motorcycle spring-hydraulic, which increased the capacity of the machine. The front bridge is installed on the frame with virtually no modifications.
The formation of the curved surfaces of the cabin malogruzovaja on the example of the roof (And stage production)
The formation of curved surfaces of malogruzovaja on the example of the roof (A,B,C stage of production):
1 —frame cabin (steel, pipe 16×2); 2 — frames (plywood s6); 3 — temporary mounting of frames with wire twist; 4 — filling (building foam)

Technical characteristics of malogruzovaja
Chair (the frame is made of steel pipe 20x2 mm)
The chair (the frame is made of steel pipe 20×2 mm):
1 — decorative button; 2 — cushion (foam); 3 — upholstery (artificial leather); 4 — crossbar backrest; 5 — base frame; 6,8 — lower cross-seat; 7 — the support seat; 9 — elastic elements seat and back (rubber ring)

Malogruzovaja has a welded tubular frame, plywood, reinforced duralumin parts of the body and cab with steel tubular frame and a covering of foam, hardboard, fiberglass and epoxy resin.
The power base of the frame of the machine consists of two longitudinal steel pipes with diameter of 40 mm with a wall thickness of 3 mm. In front of each side rail welded on boots for fastening the front axle and for mounting-rear axle welded to the frame brackets cut from steel sheet of thickness 3 mm.
Bridges connect to the attachment points on the spars in the same way as for the scooter — bolts with nuts and split lock washers. After checking the frame on symmetry, absence of distortions and compliance dimensions of the drawing are welded attachment points of the body and the tubular crossmember. Two of them from the pipe with a diameter of 20 mm is designed for mounting of seats and cabins, two curved tube diameter 30 mm — motor mount of the engine and one in the rear of the frame — bearing main gear (reverse gear). As can be seen from the drawings, the reverse gear is mounted vertically, with an asterisk (it is, incidentally, a cargo scooter) up the lever of switching reverse in this case is the front of the fly.
Body of malogruzovaja
The body of malogruzovaja:
1 — side panel (plywood, s12); 2 — lock-latch tailgate; 3 — loop drop side; 4 — unit rear lights (steel, sheet s2); 5 — panel folding Board (plywood of 12); 6 — base plate (plywood 12); 7 — a lining of a niche (steel, sheet s2); 8 — side piping (aluminum, angle 30x30x3); 9 — the base body (pine, whetstone 90×40); 10 — mounting bolts M8 nuts and washers; 11 — poluchaut (steel strip 40×3); 12 — connecting the body components (aluminum, angle 30x30x3); 13 — M5 bolts with nuts

The engine is mounted on the frame for the bottom and front nodes, that is enough. The exhaust pipe normally, from TG-200M, a homemade silencer, which is a hollow cylinder, inside of which is twisted into a tight roll of fine steel mesh.
The bed of the truck is assembled from plywood panels with a thickness of 12 mm. Prepared for the Assembly of the workpiece twice impregnated with hot linseed oil and covered with two coats of oil paint. The body is assembled with dural corners 30x30x3 mm and M5 bolts with countersunk heads and nuts. Moreover, the joints of panels angles located both outside the body and inside — it is possible to obtain a very rigid construction. Edging boards are also of duralumin angles. The base body consists of two pine sticks section 90×40 mm, attached to the bottom bottom M6 bolts with nuts. Before installing the bars of the base twice impregnated with varnish and covered with oil paint. In PE the front part of the body provided a niche for the cylinder of the engine — it is welded from steel sheet 2 mm thick and are secured to the body with M5 bolts with nuts.
Cabin malogruzovaja collected by the technology is very advantageous for Amateur construction. For the beginning of thin steel tubes welded lightweight frame cabins and frames of doors. On the frame also welded fixed frame windshield and rear window. By the way, for malogruzovaja as frontal successfully approached the rear door glass of the car “Moskvich-2141”, part of the same door was used for the formation of the frontal panel of the cab.
Next, the plywood was cut the frames and secured with soft wire on a pipe frame, after which the space between the frames filled with blocks of construction foam. The actually shaping of the cab and doors was carried out integral. The surface of the cab aligned with a long sharp knife, a homemade plane, a piece of iron which is at an angle of 45 degrees to its axis, and coarse sandpaper.
After treatment of external surfaces, the thickness of the foam filling increased to 20 mm. in order To control the thickness of the shell was used “beacons” — an ordinary match, cut to a length of 20 mm and colored with marker. (“Beacons” are introduced from the outside into the foam flush with the surface of the cab, and the processing of the internal surfaces of the material is consistently chosen as long as the cutter is not hooked for the next “beacon.”)
The thus prepared surface of the cabin were covered with fiberglass with one layer inside and three outside. After polymerization of the binder with fine teeth handsaw carved doors, and then processed doorways and the ends of the doors. Inside the cabin are covered with artificial leather.
Seat, driver and passenger improvised: they are tubular frames, covered with rubber rings cut from the wheel camera truck with foam and artificial leather.
Managing malogruzovaja — car type. Brake system hydraulic, motorized FDD. A throttle and clutch cable. The pedal unit (gas-brake-clutch) mounted on a hinged nodes, welded to the frame rails. Handle gear shift located between the seats under the right hand of the driver; the box drive — with a hard thrust and the intermediate lever. On the right hand is the handle of switching reverse (reverse).
Wiring the car is the same as “Ant”. This scooter lights, turn indicators, speedometer, ignition switch and warning lights.
I. KHOROSHEV,engineer

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