DRILL BECOMES A MACHINEOffer for fans of DIY table homemade drill press using hand drill. On a solid base is mounted a hollow stand-tube, movably installed inside the stock. On the one hand, he sliced the rack to drive the vertical feed, and with another selected area for connection of the bracket with the guide bar through the longitudinal groove of the rack. On the bracket mounted hand drill and the motor. The drive from the drill motor is belt drive. Vertical supply node provides a mechanism assembled in a separate housing. The external dimensions of the machine depend on the chosen length of the strut and the base; the vertical stroke serves for the size — 100 mm.
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The base is a steel plate with dimensions of 320 X 320 X 8 mm. it is drilled hole d 35 mm under the counter and four threaded corners for the legs.
As a rack used thick-walled steel pipe with an outer d of 35 mm and an internal 23 mm, one end tapped M35 for mounting on the base. On the other milled longitudinal groove of a width of 14 mm (under the guide of the bracket) and a rectangular window for mounting the drive pinion vertical feed. Four radial holes M5 are intended for mounting on the front of the mechanism housing, a vertical feed.
Drilling machine:
1 — base 2 — hand drill, 3 — driven pulley 4 — belt, 5 — drive pulley, 6 — motor, 7 — guide bar, 8 —bracket 9 — lower stop, 10 — stock, 11 — spring, 12 — strut 13 strut nut, 14 — the case of the vertical feed mechanism 15 of the gear-shaft, 16 — pin, 17 — the hub of the handle.

Bracket, l-shaped bent steel plate of size 50X5 mm. 355X horizontal shelf has two M6 holes under the motor bracket and the hole d 15 mm under the shortened handle of a drill. In a vertical shelf drilled d hole to 9.1 mm for the bottom lock drill and three d 8.2 mm for connection through the guiding bar to the stock.
The procedure of mounting the drill on the bracket next. Handle drills shall be cut at a distance of 5-10 mm from the base. Into place side handles screwed the pivot-stop. Installing a drill with a lower stop in the hole d 15 mm d 9.1 mm bracket, it is welded by carefully controlling the parallelism of the longitudinal axis to the vertical axis of the shelf bracket.
The vertical feed rod is a steel rod d 23 mm, length 340 mm. Its toothed rack m= 1.5 cut to length 140 mm, and preservada on the opposite side of the pad has a sufficient width for connection of guide bar bracket.
The body of the feeder is fixed to the rack by four screws M5. In it the machined socket ø 30 mm set gear wheel shaft feed mechanism coupled to a rack shaft. The hub of the handle is connected to the shaft pin.
For the convenience of the machine stock in the rack is spring loaded. Lower stop spring is a blind mounting nut stands.
The design uses the motor of the brand TO the-5TH. Its power is 50 W at nominal speed 1420 rpm When installing the engine in another brand selection of the required speed of rotation of the working tool is implemented by selection of the diameters of the pulleys V-belt transmission or installation of the stepped pulleys.

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