FLEXIBLE JOINTThe homebrew is often used segments of rubber hose as a flexible coupling when connecting coaxial shafts, particularly in those cases where the rotation speed is small, and the shafts are not strictly coaxial. This way I decided to apply when I built the frame of the greenhouse from the chimneys of the old clamshells.

Sections of hose used and the gusset. The ends of the pipes that are stuck into the ground, tapered to the inside didn’t hit the ground.
When pipes are not enough, in the same way I connected and the segments of the dural area.
Intersections of the transverse set of the frame and the ridge connected with M5 bolts with large washers.
The connection was so strong that when disassembling the frame, I had to call for help son.
I. GLUKHOV, Saransk, Mordovia

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