Now not only giving, but even small garden houses owners seek to equip attic. Therefore, must be “way up” the ladder.
It can be constructed both outside and inside the house. Despite the diversity of structures like stairs, they all share a common flaw: if they are made of wood, how would qualitatively nor was complied with — the passage of time begin under the weight of the steps disgusting to creak.

This better not get used to it, and try to fix it. Especially because there are quite simple ways. Consider the most typical.
The most versatile option, regardless of the location where the difficulty is to try to miss touching the wooden parts of the furniture of the polishing liquid or paste that contains paraffin or wax. If we are talking about stairs internal stairs, you can choose to handle, even without considering the stairs. Just using two wooden wedges to slightly raise the creaking stairs and enter the crack the corresponding composition (Fig.1) using any existing tool or device from a tube or brush to the syringe.
From the outer stairs, usually access to the “wrong” side of the stairs, so you can strengthen shaky step through a wooden block of triangular cross-section or of a metal corner (Fig.2). A good result gives speci tion of the steps with false podstupenki round studs with glue (carpenter’s, PVA).
It happens that some steps chipped (broken) overhanging the edge that narrows down their bearing surface. It is easy to restore with a suitable thickness of the bar. Place the chip must be aligned with a fret-saw, plane or chisel, then with screws through pre-drilled in the bars holes to attach them to the stairs (Fig.3).
If the bar of soft (birch, Linden, aspen) or easily scalehouses wood (pine, spruce), its edge should reinforce safety pad metal area, which must be thin or installed flush with the surface steps (Fig.4). To strengthen the area safer by screws with countersunk heads.
Very old steps often crack, threatening to completely fall apart. But there is reliable output. If the crack in the middle of a step, it is necessary for both sides to fill the auxiliary bars and to pull them clamp, pre-filling the crack with glue from a tube (Fig.5). After the necessary exposure technological bars carefully removed and the step like new.
In the case where the crack splits the step side, it is also possible to use the described method. If the crack is too dispersed, it is better first, on the contrary, to expand her game on the edges of part of the steps to insert a wooden wedge with glue and also preload this place with clamps until the glue hardens (Fig.6).
In the same way as steps, over time, become loose baluster — bars stair railings.
Here will help out a thin flat wedges: their coat with glue, and gently hammered in formed by time slots (Fig.7). After curing of the adhesive protruding parts of the wedges cut.

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