IF THE BATTERIES It happens that the recorder or the player when you rewind the tape “do not pull” due to the large current hooked the batteries. And in many electronic games such as, Brick game (“Tetris” in China), when you enable sound for the same reason, begins to noticeably flicker LCD screen.


To measure the current given by the battery to the load, you can use elegant in simplicity of execution device. It is a narrow bilateral plate of glass epoxy. One end is pointed and the other is soldered to minirosetta to attach the plugs of the tester, avometr or milliammeter.
You can even adapt the fragment of the old double-sided printed circuit Board (for example, a plot of the shielding frame). Perfectly acceptable and simple insulation pad glued on both sides of the plates of copper foil.
The current is measured by introducing a plate-sensor in any place of the serial connection of batteries or battery cells in the battery, or, say, between the pole of the power source and the contact spring in the battery compartment. To exclude spontaneous loss of the sensor in it is drilled a 2-mm hole that serves as a kind of retainer, the location of which should coincide with the centerline of the battery. And each installation of such a collector was not accidental short circuits between buildings and the plus electrode of the battery, measurements are recommended from the negative terminal of the battery.
Self-made sensor for determining the current, given a source of electricity to the load
Homemade sensor for determining the current, given the power source to the load:
1 — plate (cut bilateral glass epoxy 70×7, s1,5); 2 — conductor (mgshv-1, 2); 3 — mini-power socket; 4 — electrical measuring instrument (tester, avometr, milliammeter)

Circuit diagram of home-made adapter for reliable power a low power electronic devices from household power
A circuit diagram of a self-made adapter for reliable power a low power electronic devices from household power
Making sure that regular batteries are not really “pull”, the owners of the tape (player, recorder or games) will inevitably come to the conclusion about the need to have the adapter power supply of electronic devices from household power.
The adapter can be improvised and assembled according to the diagram transformerless rectifier blanking capacitor. Typical of these devices lack the sharp dependence of the output voltage from the load can be eliminated by enabling the parallel output of the Zener diode or chain of low-power diodes.
When using the silicon КД102А (2Д102А), КД102Б and similar diodes beads and small capacitors of this adapter it is easy to place in the battery compartment of the tape (player, recorder), or the body of the electronic game “Brick game”. Of course, that the current limit of the diodes must match current 100 mA, the maximum consumed by the load.
Due to the small number of parts installation of the adapter, it is advisable to perform a hinged manner. As a binding framework can serve as a Board made of vinyl plastic or even cardboard.
In conclusion, it should be noted several advantages of the considered adapter. Collected accurately and from a known good electronic components, it needs no adjustment. When powered from a low-power load such transformerless rectifier extinguishing capacitor and a diode voltage regulator failures in its work are excluded.
V. ZHUK, Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

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