From toys to missiles (1);

B. Birch. Kyiv universities (2);

From the Baltic to Sakhalin (2);

L. Sujan. Nolini: their business, concerns and intentions (4);

Floating in the century (6);

S. Lipkin. The legendary cruiser (6);

G. Bartel. Guardians of glory (8);

L. Zhukov, T. And Merenkov. The medic at the drawing Board (9);

V. Masik. The Heirs Of The “Sib” (10);

L. Golovanov, Ivanov. The sun, electricity, life (13);

PAGE. 17-32 (for bonding): G. Potapov. GAZ-66 – polymake;

Model of the cruiser “Aurora”;

I. Aleshin. The model for all.;

V. Smirnov. Football arrow (33);

V. PATCO. Box of snakes (36);

V. Kosolov. Air jets (37);

V. Churayev. Car-bike (38);

Laboratory technologist (39);

R. Ogarkov. Two gears of the car (40);

Outboards (42);

SSC captains of the small fleet (44);

Big problems of small designers (45);

At different latitudes (46);

Red tulips (song) (47).
COVER: 1 and 4-I p. – photos by Yuriy Yegorov, 2. – installation N. Bazhenova.
TAB: 1-p. I – figure V. Berman, 2-3-I p. – figure P. Efimenkov, 4. – drawing A. Sycoca.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1967-07 PDF (download)