Invincible and legendary (1);

V. Tarasenko. At the cradle of combat power (2);

A. Chills. Heaven favors the bold (5);

G. Reznichenko. Battle relics from half a century (6);

L. Lifshitz. Through snow, swamps and Sands (8);

Yury Chumichev. Car floats on water (10);

G. Malinovsky, V. Horev. Homemade brake (12);

I. Nechaev. “To the most distant planet…” (14);

V. Kanaev. Small starts “East” (15);

F. Nasyrov. SVP: yesterday, today and tomorrow (17);

B. Tardieu. Lunging IL-28 (18);

Club “Meteor”: (22);

E. Tarasov. Secrets low frequencies (30);

A. Khanmamedov. “Varyag” – the son of “Varyag” (33);

Yuri Sirotkin. Sofia: the victory of our korovikov (38);

L. Mikhailov. “Small Cup” in Tbilisi (38);

The anniversary starts of the year (39);

Model-Champions: (40);

The homework club designers: (43);

Advice to the modeller: (44);

At different latitudes: (46);

On the cover of rooms (48).
COVER: 1 page – drawing E. Molchanov; 2-I page – photo of Yuri Yegorov, layout N. Bazhenova; 3. – photo by J. spondylitis, installation P. Chernysheva; 4. – photo by I. Belov, V. Nikitin installation.
TAB: 1-2-I p. – drawing R. Strelnikov; 3. – figure F. Nasyrova and V. Ivanov; 4. – figure V. Makarova.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1968-02 PDF (download)