Skills and search (1);

So Merenkov. Pavel Firsov and his team (2);

From the Baltic to Sakhalin (2);

A. Sushkin. “Knight” to the rescue (4);

I. Usenaliev. The air cushion (6);

S. Onishchenko, A. Potamanov. The younger brother of the family Anov (7);

V. Rozhkov. Design (7);

G. Malinowski. The manufacture of the fuselage (10);

G. Alexander. According to the rules of “Naviga” (11);

A. Kazantsev. The first transistor (19);

Wonderful arrows (21);

D. Ilyin. Tractor-amphibian (23);

Catamaran “Sea cat” (25);

A. Tikhomirov. The Schooner “Zarya” (28);

I. Gorbunov. Wait for us, the sea, the ocean! (30);

Circular saw in your workshop (33);

Club home designers (36);

A. Dyakov. Resonant relay (38);

G. Reznichenko. The caravans of missiles (40);

R. Ananikyan. Dress rehearsal (42);

Yu Arms. The parade of cars (42);

Yu. A. Bekhterev. First among equals (42);

At different latitudes (44);

Model aircraft kit No. 20 (46);

The first flight from Moscow to USA (47);

The conditions of the giveaway prize named after Valery Chkalov (47);

Read these books (48).
COVER: 1 page – photo W. Broad, 4th page – photo of Yuri Yegorov.
TAB: 1 p. – figure P. Efimenkov, 2-3-I. – E. Pavlova, 4-I – drawing by M. Simakov.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1967-08 PDF (download)