The 100th anniversary of Lenin’s birth: A. Tarasenko. Same (2);

From the memoirs of Gil C. K. (3);

Y. Dolmatovsky. “Rolls-Royce”. Year 1920 (3).

The KLUB Meteor: Yu. A. Bekhterev. “Moskvich” in miniature (6).

Models our friends: Racing patikova (8);

J. Marchak. The boat-the guard (10).

Page history: L. Polukarov. Record range (13).

Horizons engineering: G. Smirnov. Give the rotor a job! (17).

Models in the world: L. Murychev, A. Ryabov. Secrets of total momentum (19);

M. Zhirnov. Class “And” yesterday, today, tomorrow (23).

Radio control models: E. Tarasov. Yacht on the airwaves (23).

Create, invent, try!: G. Malinowski. Winopener (26);

V. Maleshevski. “Bee” on the transistor (30);

R. Yarov. “Tbilisi” (31);

M. Gigashvili, V. Manukyan. The body (32);

V. Kuibyshev. Miracle-float (33).

Advice to the modeller: R. Steinberg. The expense of building a traditional timers (35);

V. Pilenko. Beautiful, reliable, accurate (38).

Cybernetics, automation, electronics: V. Ivoilov, V. kolomeytsev. Castle… and probability theory (40).

The tasks on design-wit: (40).

News technical arts: (42).

At different latitudes: (43).

Our reference: V. Egorov. New in the formula “K” (44);

The model airplanes – great sets! (44).

On the pages of foreign magazines: Konstantin Linev. Invent the wheel (46).

The homework club designers: V. biological. On the bike as in the seat (47).
COVER: 2. – photo: V. Brovko, 3-I p. – drawings V. Berman, 4. – drawing by A. Chernomordin.
TAB: 1st page – drawing R. Strelnikov, 2. drawings V. Ivanov, 3. – drawing E. Molchanov, 4. – drawings Sharova.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1969-06 PDF (download)