Test of strength (1);

So Merenkov. Exhibition of exhibitions (2);

R. Yarov. The second call (4);

L. Livshits. “Silver bison” (6);

I. Konstantinov. The “winter prize” (12);

V. Rozhkov. “Winged snowflake” (12);

I. Pustylnik. What “sees” the Telegraph (14);

V. Masik. “Satellite combination” (16);

Yu. A. Bashkirov, V. Bushuev, O. Grigoriev, L. Scherban. The surprises of the magnetic field (20);

L. Cherdyntsev. Microntroller “Laika” (21);

H. Rizayev. Aircraft-67 (25);

Club “Meteor” (26);

I. Kostenko. Flying bike (34);

Club home designers (36);

Yu Bekhterev, G. Reznichenko. 500 meters to victory (37);

V. The Barmen. The Championship Of Russia… (37);

As packaged with team (39);

G. Kiknadze. Turbine warm air (40);

Photo contest “MK” completed (40);

Helicopter “Squirrel” (41);

At different latitudes (44);

I. Podkolzin. Robot “Alex” says (46);

Ask – answer (47);

Read these books (48).
TAB: 1st page – picture of D. khitrova; 2-I and 3-I – photo of Yuri Yegorov.
COVER: 1 page – photo Yulia Egorova; 2. – installation N. Bazhenova; 3rd page – photo N.Zakharkevich, installation I. Lemeshev.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1967-10 PDF (download)