Meet the XXIV Congress of the CPSU Oleg Zhadan, A. Sabov. To the new challenges (2);

Yu Bekhterev, Yu. Stolyarov. The works of young (4).

Exhibits the all-Union exhibition “youth Creativity”: V. Medvedev. Zarnitsa – rubbed hydrofoil (6);

G. Stepanov. Room area (10);

T. Bazhenov. Snegohod (11);

“Antey”… on the airbag (11).

Organizer of technical creativity: I. Ozolin. Microvesicle to be! (12).

Create, invent, try!: V. Sergeenko. The vacuum cleaner in the garden (14).

Pages of history: A. Beskurnikov. From the war chariot to the armored personnel carrier (16).

In the world of models: Model ad-10 (18); Yu yevsikov. Champion soaring flight (20).

The model paves the way: L. Lifshitz. Computer prompts (22).

Tech news: V. Egorov. Let start “Zhiguli” (23).

Create, invent, try!: A. Gordin, J. Freidin. Seven notes rainbow (25);

A. Arkatov, F. Yakovlev. “Malachite” (25).

Design Bureau “Mayak”: V. Pushkin. A single transistor (31).

Advice to the modeller: V. Kanaev. The secrets of “fire” arrows (34);

V. Biological, R. Ogarkov. Glow plug (38);

L. Mitin. The wings butterfly (38);

N. Ukrainians. 10 laps in 10 minutes (39).

The youngest: J. Prokoptsov. Eurowagon (40).

The handyman: (42).

At different latitudes: (44).

News from the editor: G. Reznichenko. The winner was determined (46);

G. Dobrov. The first workshop (46).

News technical creativity: (48).
COVER: 1 page – photo of Yuri Yegorov, 2nd p. – photo G. Romanovskogo, 3-I p. – mounting P. Chernysheva, 4. – photo by J. Nijnichenko.
TAB: 1-p. I – figure E. Molchanov, 2-3 pages – pictures of Y. Egorov, and Yu. Riznichenko, 4. – drawing R. Strelnikov.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1971-03 PDF (download)