Anniversary of Komsomol dedicated (1);

For the prize named after Y. A. Gagarin (2);

Organizer of technical creativity: Yury Stolyarov, A. Zaichenko. Krasnodar experiment in action (2);

Big problem small designers: T. Merenkov. Give the green light! (6);

The KLUB Meteor: (3);

Create, invent, try!: K. Tsotadze, R. Chargeishvili. The bards and minstrels (14);

Your fighters, “summer lightning”: the Flag-rocket. Jet whistle. Submachine gun (17);

Blue is the name of the road: the River Vyatka – new car for the holiday to the sport (18);

Yuri Vlasov. If you design a boat (22);

G. Malinowski. Remote control (24);

Models in the world: V. Kolpakov. The air screws (27);

V. Prochazka. “Tatran” (31);

A. Khanmamedov. Small. but valiant (33);

A. Kochergin. A marking gauge (33);

R. Ogarkov. Military all-terrain vehicle (36);

A. Ivolgin. Chariots of the twentieth century (36);

V. Rozhkov. Natasha’s victory (38);

Advice to the Modeler: calculation of the height and duration of flight (39);

V. Korolev. The Assembly (40); homework Club designers: (42);

Sports: P. Borisov. Holiday modelers capital (44);

A. Ognev. 5 gold race (45);

At different latitudes: (46);

K. Turbaba. Self-similar sports, a new rule (47).
COVER: 1 page – E. Molchanov; 2. – photo by E. Udovichenko; 3. photo E. Karmaza, installation of N.Bazhenova; 4-I p. – Fig. P. Efimenkov, photo of Yuri Yegorov.
TAB: 1 p. – Fig. R. Strelnikov; photo by T. Archvadze; 2-I p. – Fig. A. Saichuk, 3. – Fig. V. Ivanov, 4. – Fig. R. Ivanov.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1968-06 PDF (download)