Technical creativity in the pioneer squad (1);

A. Noruzbaev. Standards of objectivity (2);

F. Black. The analysis “by eye” (3);

The KLUB Meteor: (4);

Create, invent, try: A. Dyakov. In the air – coach (12);

Formula “K” (16);

Blue is the name of the road: V. Kunenkov. The raft-boat (24);

50 years of the Komsomol: perfection (25);

So Merenkov. In the skies above Khalkin-Goal (25);

I. Kostenko. “Hawk” (27);

Sports: G. Reznichenko, O. Korablev. The dispute is decided the second (30);

News technical creativity: (30);

Models in the world: A. Zemsky. Docilely “Snowflake” (32);

A. Veselovsky. Five strongest (33);

N. Nikolaevich. According to the rules of the FAI (34);

Skobeltsyn. Skoda-997 goes on the cord (35);

A. Filippov. Travel scheme (38);

Advice to the Modeler: the finishing Touches before the start (40);

The last test (40);

Our reference: What is the order of registration and exploitation of Amateur transceiver radio stations (41); Club home constructors: (42); At different latitudes: (44).
COVER: 1 page – photo V. Sacna, 2. – photo: V. Reznikov, 3. – photo by O. Korableva, 4. – photo by E. of Grabilina, Fig. V. Ivanov.
TAB: 1 p. – Fig. R. Strelnikov, 2-3 pages – Fig. P. Efimenkov, photo Yulia Egorova, 4. – Fig. E. Molchanov.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1968-07 PDF (download)