Entering the fourth year (1);

A. Sukharev. Hello, “Albinos”! (2);

V. Rinsky. A conversation with the magnetic field (4);

Create, invent, try!: G. Levin. Umka – winter Motorina (6);

G. Malinowski. The tourist boat “Warak” (9);

I. Turevski. “Magna” – a vehicle made of fiberglass (13);

Resin and glass fiber (16);

Models in the world: N. Injections. All ready to start (17);

Model a single-stage rocket M. Panteleev (Moscow) (19);

S. Onishchenko, A. Botamochi. Air worker (20);

News technical arts: (23);

R. Yarov. The ancestors of modern vehicles (24);

I. Ivanov. The Swan song of sailing ships (25);

B. Novitsky. Sailing race on the table (32);

The youngest: V. Bondarchuk. Attention! Turn! (34);

G. Samsonov. Ledokolnyy scooter (35);

Sports: L. Katin, V. Sviridkina. On the blue slopes (36);

Yuri Sirotkin. World Cup cordovil models (38);

P. Borisov. The competition to get ready for. (39);

Write down my address…: (39);

Club home designers – newcomers: (40);

Organizer of technical creativity: Methodological instructions for programme of lessons on the basics of new technology (42);

At different latitudes: (42);

Read these books: (45);

Published in “MK” in 1968 (46).
COVER: 1 page – Fig. Molchanova E., 2nd p. – photo by V. Browne, 3. – photo by O. Snopekova, 4. – Fig. R. Strelnikov.
TAB: 1st page – photo of Yuri Yegorov, 2-3 pages – Fig. P. Efimenkov, 4. – Fig. Yuri Makarov.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1968-12 PDF (download)