The patent on creativity (1);

L. Zhukov. The all-powerful wizard of interest (2);

V. Czaplicka. School University of IDAHO (5);

R. Dovguchits. Ship master (6);

The KLUB Meteor: (8);

F. Nasyrov. Tricycle “the creepers” (16);

V. Pakhomov. Without wings – in the air (17);

P. Polish. Design Bureau “MK” (19);

B. The Poles. “Zarnitsa” is sweeping the country (20);

The “eyes” of stealth (21);

Phone for yunarmeytsev (22);

B. Abramov. “Eureka” (24);

V. Golovin. Mikron (25);

S. Kirkin. Knapsack aredigital (26);

Y. Yanovsky. Sledges under sail (28);

G. Smirnov. Again, the rotor (29);

The wind rotates the screw (30);

S. Luchaninov. Yacht “Colchis” (33);

Model-Champions: (35);

I. Kostenko. For the prize of “Coop d ever” (36);

Advice to the modeller: (37);

The homework club designers: (38);

A. Trishin. Championship “Naviga”: victory and failure (40);

K. Turbaba. The sample SIP in Budapest (40);

Yury Markevich. Sensations were not (41);

A. Dyakov. Tank, listen to my command! (42);

At different latitudes: (46);

Our reference (48).
COVER: 1 page – Fig. R. Strelnikov, 2-I p. – photos by Yuriy Yegorov, the 4th page – photo of Yuri Yegorov.
TAB: 1 p. – Fig. F. Nasyrova and P. Efimenkov, 2. – Fig. V. Ivanov, 3. – Fig. Kudryasheva, 4. – Fig. N. Rozhkova.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1968-01 PDF (download)