To 1 00 th anniversary of the birth of V. I. Lenin: Yu Bekhterev, A. Osipenko. Exhibit Divnogorsk RAID (2).

From the notebook of a journalist: G. Reznichenko. United front (3).

Organizer of technical creativity: M. Negritoski. In the school workshop (6).

Tribune “M-K”: I. Kostenko, P. Borisov. Back copies of flight! (8).

Create, invent, try!: V. Latyshev. The electronic “sponsored” records (10);

A. Karabanov. “And the eternal battle…” (12);

B. Tailor, V. Kolosov. Drag-race (13);

Gymnastics – home (14);

E. Vasiliev. Griffith – bar in the room (15);

Ski-bob (16);

V. Failures. “NETI” – snowmobile-amphibian (17).

Models in the world: A. Grechin. With two timers (22);

Yuri Sirotkin. The main flight (25);

S. Zhidkov. For time and speed (25);

O. Alexandrov, S. Luchaninov. The fate of the ship… and his model (29);

So Merenkov. To make the first move… (33);

G. Liberts. According to the scheme Chebyshev (34);

M. Mikhailov. The mast and standing rigging (36).

The KLUB Meteor: Y. Arms. The wind challenge (40);

R. Yarov. Car and aerodynamics (42).

The homework club designers: I. Kitaev. Small-scale mechanization of small fields (44);

N. Lebedev. Marking device (45);

G. Krivopolenova. If the window is round (46).

Sports: T. Bazhenov. The weakness of the strongest (48);

V. Rozhkov. The first visit (48).


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1969-09 PDF (download)