The study of physics today: We need young researchers (2);

B. Smagin. Hymn to the experiment (2);

V. Shilov. “Serious” physics in the classroom (4).

Our guest: stand and track (6);

Mini-skis (7).

From the notebook of a journalist: G. Reznichenko. Change of shift prepares (8).

Make a well in the school: L. Ivanov. Champions are born at school (10);

A. Nikolaenko. Handsome – so beautiful (10);

No rope no athlete (11);

A hand ball in the gym and at the stadium (12).

News technical creativity: E. Goncharov. Operates ultrasound (13).

Your first model: L. Dobrygin. The legendary brig “mercury” (14).

Create, invent, try!: I. Ponomarev. Launch pad Nizhny Tagil (17);

A. Kopylov. Machine for the manufacture of parts made of foam (22);

K. Z. Motor Rybak (25).

Design Bureau “Mayak”: V. Pushkin. “Super” (28).

Tech news: E. dubicki. Floating tractor (31);

I. Andreev. TU-154 is the youngest of the family “Tupolev” (32).

Sea collection: G. Smirnov. “Firstborn” (33).

Your first model: A. Ermakov. The contour of the YAK-3 (36).

Advice to the modeller: V. biological. In the fight for seconds (37);

G. Dzenitis. Reliable skid. Brezinova bus (37);

A. Grigorenko. Forced valve (38).

Small-scale mechanization: I. Kitaev. Mower with “teeth” (40);

Tank-traveler (41). The handyman: (42).

News technical creativity: (45).

At different latitudes: (46).

Write down my address. Edge to edge: (48).
COVER: 1. Students GPTU №9 of Minsk Petr Vinogradov and Anatoly Klimovich made them model 25-ton dump truck MAZ-525. Photo by V. Brovko; 2. Photo of Hungary; 4. the amphibious Vehicle. Photo Of Yuri Yegorov.
TAB: 1. Legendary brig “mercury”. Figure: V. Naumenkova and R. Strelnikov; 2. a Homemade plane from Nizhny Tagil figure E. Molchanov: 3. TU-154 on takeoff. Figure E. Molchanov; 4. Sea collection “MK”. Figure V. Ivanov.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1971-09 PDF (download)