The 100th anniversary of Lenin’s birth: A. Tarasenko, the First Soviet (2);

G. Malinowski. Model tank “Freedom Fighter comrade. LENIN” (4).

The KLUB Meteor: R. Ogarkov. Let’s count (7).

Anatomy of robots: V. Matskevich. “The voice” (10).

Cybernetics, automation, electronics: V. the Taynitsky. Experiments with the “turtle” (12).

Tasks for design ingenuity: (13).

The youngest: G. Samsonov. A skittle alley folding (14);

Vladimir Zelentsov. “Amphibian” (15).

Models in the world: Mikhail Mikhailov. “(Queen of the oceans” (17);

V. Kulikov, I. Kostenko. Model seaplanes please start (24);

V. Rozhkov. A rocket with double the load (27);

V. Makarov. Feat designer (28);

I. Konstantinov. The plane-the legend (32).

From the annals of the great Patriotic war (32).

Create, invent, try!: Mini electric (33);

Y. Korshunov. EMK-66 (33);

Yu Muizenberg. What to stop the choice (33);

L. Grachev. Pedal without pedals (36);

V., and V. A. Vasiliev. D-5… afloat (39).

The homework club designers: A. IRD, V. Closed. Electrofresh for gardeners (42);

G. Stepanov. Just a copper nail (44);

S. Leonov. Car plus… (44).

Advice to the Modeler: G. Rodionov. Coverage from stringers (45).

Write down my address…: (45).

Our reference: Meeting in a year! (46).

News technical creativity: (48).
COVER: 1 page – photo Y. Yegorov, R. Strelnikova drawings, 3-I p. – mounting P. Chernysheva, 4. – photo by Yuriy Yegorov, installation P. Chernysheva.
TAB: 1-I, 3-I p. – drawings E. Molchanova, 2. – drawing R. Ivanov, 4. – drawings P. Efimenkov.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1969-04 PDF (download)