The 100th anniversary of Lenin’s birth: L. Shishov. “Heroes” of the revolution (2).

Meet interesting people: Vladimir Kulikov. Passion – inherited (4).

Models in the world: V. Tselovalnikov. Toiler of the sea (4);

E. Melent’ev. Evolution rezinomotornaya (8).

Model-Champions: (14).

Advice to the Modeler: Reliable protection (11);

A. Kochergin. The model must be beautiful (12);

E. Gusev. Rama is not just (13);

S. Attack, Yuri Terekhin. Device for installation of the stabilizer (14);

G. Dzenitis. The circuit – on the table (15).

Create, invent, try!: Winter handmade (17);

V. Polyakov. Bobsleighs (18);

R. Yarov. The snow and motonarty (19);

I. Usenaliev. Motonarty MS-GPI-15A (21);

L. Affleck. Ray-the key (23);

K. Samoylikov. “PU-4” – pocket phone (25);

Yu Was Verhale. Innovator fifteen (27).

Sports: G. Reznichenko. We teach planes to fly (28);

I. Kostin. Start kordovye (32).

Pages of history: I. Kostenko. Winged giant (33);

N. Feofanov. A copy of the aerial vehicle (37).

News from the editor: (38).

From the editorial mail (38).

Write down my address…: (40).

Youngest: (40);

A. Vasiliev. Telescope (39);

B. Novitsky. Submarine out of cardboard (40).

The homework club designers: M. Viktorov. The lesson is a tape recorder (42);

Carpentry bench in the room (42);

G. Ablazov. How to make a megaphone? (43).

Our reference: Published in “MK” in 1969 (44);

The card is a report of a member of the club “meteor” (47).
COVER: 1. drawings F. Sharov, 2. – photo: V. Brovko, N. Kobiashvili, 3. – photo G. Reznichenko, 4. – photo by K. Kaspieva.
TAB: 1st page – drawing R. Strelnikov, 2. – drawings Levanovskogo Y., 3. – photo: V. Kalyaeva, 4. – drawing E. Molchanov.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1969-12 PDF (download)