Pioneer summer is: A. Debt. Hams on the go! (2);

E. Melent’ev. ANT-2 paper (4);

V. Matveev. River boat in miniature (7).

Models in the world: N. Grigoriev. Fundamentals of swiftness (8);

Boris Yefimov. Magneto for racing (10);

T. Stepanek. Fighter submarines (11);

A. Zarechnev. The airframe is made of foam (14).

The youngest: B. Uspensky. Advises the wind (16).

Model Champions: L. Barsukov. Lunging – “meteor IV” (17).

At different latitudes: (20).

Ships across the seven seas: O Revo. Arab Dhow (22).

The museums in the country: E. Kushnarev. A treasure trove of nautical relics (23).

Create, invent, try!: G. Malinowski. On the road – sports hydrocorti (25);

Yu Rasuk. Rotor gyroplane (28). Club “meteor”: “Anatomy” the first radio device (30).

Devices-helpers: V. Shilov. Milliammeter (33).

Fundamentals of telecontrol: E. Tarasov. “Commanded” pulse (34).

Advice to the modeller: V. Gorsky, V. Shevtsov. A volley of ten missiles (36);

E. Gusev. Fuel tanks (37);

V. Biological, R. Ogarkov. Calm, if you for your engine? (38).

The handyman: Y. Arms. Shooting at any angle (40);

A. Petrov. The pencil for… metal (40);

V. Pavlov. Boat in five minutes (40).

The tasks on design-wit: (14,41).

Our reference: I. Turevski. Tyres for cars homemade (42).

“Write down my address…”: (43).

Pages of history: V. Kanaev. Prototype stratospheric R-03 (43).

News technical creativity: (44).

For a school site: A. Arkadin. Hand cultivator (44);

I. Kitaev. Mower for lawn (46);

I. Bass. Motor-Plow “Friendship” (48).
COVER: 2. – photo L. Maksimova, Yu. Riznichenko, V. Tutova; 3. drawings A. Sycoca: 4. – photo by V. Brovko.
TAB: 1. photo I. Belova; 2-3 pages – pictures of L. Konvisser, 4. – drawing E. Molchanov.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1970-06 PDF (download)