M. A. Lavrent’ev. Learning to think! (2);

A. A. Lyapunov. Way to science (4);

Yu Bekhterev, Yu. Stolyarov. School first stage. The opening of the sky. Tradition and experiment. Today is a unique, tomorrow… (5);

V. Mikulin, V. Sholokhov. “Typhoon” (12);

A. Terek. The Device “Pulse”. “Inhale-exhale”. (13);

V. Fomichev. Laser “CUT-1” (14).

Models in the world: Boris Yefimov. Magneto on the race (16).

Model Champions: Vladimir Kolpakov. Worthy of attention (18).

Radio control models: M. Zhirnov. Learning to fly from an early age (19);

Plotnikov, V. Galin. Two teams of the “Orbit” (19);

Meet – “Yanik” (22);

Steering the machine. The first starts (24).
Pages of history: I. Maksimikhin. The End Of “Vittoria” (25);

V. Kanaev. Meteorological R-06 (29).

Club “meteor”: “Anatomy” the first radio device (30);

Scheme and design (31).

The youngest: E. grouse. Cards Oktyabrenok (34).

Create, invent, try!: Yu Rasuk. Rotor gyroplane (36);

G. Mikhin. The beam hits the “ten” (38).

Horizons technology: R. Yarov. The step of moving the wheel (40).

Advice to the Modeler: Yuri Sirotkin. The cording and painting (42);

E. Gusev. Ignition system (42);

V. Yudin. The arrow on the path (44).

The handyman: (46).

Ships across the seven seas: the Hanseatic cog (48).
COVER: 1 page – photo sketch V. Istomin; 2nd and 4th p. – photo L. Maksimova.
TAB: 1st page – pictures Molchanova E.; 2-3 pages – pictures P. Efimenko, N. Bazhenova; 4. – drawing R. Ivanov.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1970-07 PDF (download)