Meet the XXIV Congress of the CPSU (2);

A. Vishnepolsky. The initiator of the search – the primary organization (2).

Dates, events, facts: A. Molchanov. Start of “the moonstone” (4);

A. Pantyushin. It was at EXPO-70 (5).

Organizer of technical creativity: R. Yarov. Like a drop of water (8);

“Transmitted by teletype” (10);

Landmark – the sun (10);

Electric-climber (10).

Models in the world: Vladimir Smirnov. The catamaran (11);

G. Alexander. “Yatagan II” (12);

L. Mitin. Flying under the ceiling (18).

The young mechanic: Here’s your virgin youth! (20);

Young technology – agriculture (20);

I. Kitaev. The drill of Michurina (23);

Yu Arms. Over the summer three crops (23).

Tech news: Steel Pahari land of the Soviets (24).

Create, invent, try!: V. Brodkin. “Talking dictionary” (25);

N. The Mikhailovsky. Machine-mnogostanochnik (28);

I. Usenaliev. Hidden reserves of power (30);

S. Wolff. Big bobsled. Mini slide (32).

The handyman: D. Petrovich. Openwork metal (35).

Advice to the modeller: I. Krotov. In accordance with the prototype (36);

M. Mikhailov. The flag at the gaff (38);

R. Petrosyan. Housing made of GRP (39).

Our reference: Y. Arabic. Attention! New! (40).

Design Bureau “Mayak”: V. Pushkin. The first step (42);

N. Putyatin, V. Kandinsky. The simplest detector (44).

“3апишите my address” (47);

The profile of the club “meteor” (47).
COVER: 3-pages – photo by M. Alperin, installation P. Chernysheva.
TAB: 1st page – photo by V. Brovko, installation V. Suslov, 2-4 pages – drawings R. Strelnikov.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1971-01 PDF (download)