Year third year is decisive: R. Yarov. Auxiliary workshop (2).

From the notebook of a journalist: M. Zhirnov. Good seeds, good germination (6).

Laboratory designer: Car electronics and design (10);

L. Karataev. “Comet” hurtling down the road (12).

On land, sky and sea: A. Meretskov. Artillery in Panzer ranks (14);

Before the Assault on the sound barrier (17);

“Frantic” (20).

Create, invent, try!: Boat… on the highway (23).

Club “Zenit” Vladimir Bartenev. The movie and the tape (26).

The great explorers: B. Timofeev. And yet- Columbus! (29).

Sea collection “M-K”: G. Smirnov. “Marat” (33).

Radio reference service “M-K”: (34).

Electronic kaleidoscope: (36).

At different latitudes: (37).

OKB “M-K”: A. Stolyarchuk. Three cylinder forty – five “horses” (38).

Models in the world: Yu Prokoptsov. Tracklayers for microdosage (40).

The handyman: (42).

Small-scale mechanization: (44).

Horizons technology: V. Boldyrev. A window into the world of crystals (46).

Make a note of my address: (47).

Sports: Yu. Khromov. And in the Arctic starts! (48).
COVER: 1 page – Yacht “manta”. Fig. E. Molchanova; 2. – the Bulgarian young technicians. Photo by D. Dimitrova and D. iordanova. Installation of T. Raskovoi; 3. – Self-similar trace in Vorkuta. Photo by V. Sychev; 4. Guide. Photo Of Yuri Yegorov.
TAB: 1st page – the SU-122. Fig. E. Molchanova; 2. LA 11: Fig. E. Romanova; 3. – “Santa Maria”. Fig. N. Rozhnova; 4. – Sea collection “M-K”. Fig. B. Lisenkov.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1973-05 PDF (download)