Remember: space is waiting for you! (1);

G. Dobrov. Calling the wind of Mars (2);

Technique microrocket (4);

V. Kanaev, G. Reznichenko, N. Injections. Clarity, rigor, objectivity (6);

General number one (8);

Models in the world: I. Kostenko. The first all-metal (10);

M. Yatsenko. TU-134 on the table (12);

Model-Champions: (15);

50 years of the Komsomol: Age Oct (17);

Create, invent, try!: I. Turevski. “Magna” – a vehicle made of fiberglass (25);

News technical creativity: (26);

G. Malinowski. The tourist boat “Breeze” (27);

G. Tubs. Funky lights (29);

The youngest: L. Afrin. The fire-artist (30);

S. Glaser. Sled for every taste (31);

R. Yarov. Labor and search – homeland (33);

Sports: R. Danielian. Promotion to the rank of (34);

K. Turbaba. According to strict rules (34);

P. Borisov. 1st meeting of young railwaymen (35);

Anatomy of robots: V. Matskevich. The sixth sense (36);

Advice to the modeller: (38);

Write down my address…: (39);

Club home designers – newcomers: (40);

Organizer of technical creativity: Methodological instructions for programme of lessons on the basics of new technology (42);

At different latitudes: (42);

Read these books: (45);

R. Zenin. Crossword “Space” (46);

The card is a report of a member of the club “meteor” on the implementation of the program “the Young instructor-modelist” (tear) (47).

COVER: 1 page – Sycoca and A. E. Molchanov, 2nd p. – photo by K. Kaspieva, 3. photo I. Tsypin, 4-I p. – Y. Egorov, and A. Bayes.
TAB: 1st page – photo by K. Kaspieva, 2-I p. – Ivanova R., 3rd p. – A. Saichuk, 4-I p. – Y. Egorov, and V. Andreev.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1968-11 PDF (download)