For the 180th anniversary of the birth of V. I. Lenin: A. Tarasenko. The Flagship Of The Caspian Graziosamente (2).

Meet interesting people: V. rootless. His name – teacher (7).

Models in the world: N. Grigoriev. Prototype – swiftness (8);

N. Kobylanski. Ring stabilizer (9);

B. Tardieu. First race (10);

The FAI rules for RC racing models (10);

Soaring over the hills (12).

Aircraft of the world: I. Kostenko. Coach ACE (14).

The KLUB meteor: how to start radiokonstruktor (17).

Fundamentals of telecontrol: E. Tarasov. On the “order” of low frequency (20).

The youngest: N. Subotica. With rubber motor (22);

Yu Arms. The Arms Of William Tell (23).

Create, invent, try!: B. Bank. Screw – the wings of the gyroplane (24);

E. Molchanov, O. Ivchenko. “Ant”-winner (26);

R. Yarov. Want to be ahead (29);

V. Denisov. Once again on the reversing device (30);

V. Kunin. The second, third,… next (31);

S. Samoilenko. Transmission – new for snowmobiles (32).

Master of all trades: G. Malinowski. Four professions ordinary drill (33);

V. Dudnik. “Zenit” for a story (33);

B. Sorokin. Table for cutting foam (34).

Advice to the modeller: R. Ogarkov, V. biological. Operation on the… engine (34);

A. Putnina, S. Gordeev. Electronic “judge” (36).

The tasks on design-wit: (37).

Dates, events, facts: T. Bazhenov. “The pioneer” – forty-five (39);

Carries loads on the seas (40).

News from the editor: a Great start EN-route models (42);

A. Levchenko. Hello, TU-701 (43).

From the editorial mail Readers offer (44).

“Write down my address…”: (45).

Read these books: A. Zaichenko. Library of Amateur radio designer (47).

Our reference: Is V all-Union (46);

The calendar of events, 1970 (46);

Radioactive jubilee year (47).

Electronic kaleidoscope: (48).
COVER: 2. – photo by A. Filippova; 3. – installation Chernyshevoj.
TAB: 1-p. I – figure E. Molchanov; 2. – photo: V. Brovko: 3-pages – photo J. singer, drawings by R. Strelnikov; 4. – the drawings of V. Levanovskogo.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1970-03 PDF (download)