Towards the XVII Congress of the Komsomol: V. Gorchakov. The keys from the Siberian treasure (2);

B. Revsci. Floating drilling rigs (4).

The competition of ideas: P. Vladimirov. Sinusoidal “Pulsar-1” (7).

Organizer of technical creativity: V. Sholokhov, I. Ryshkov. Looking for talents (10).

Public KB “M-K”: R. Ark. “Sport-750” – the swiftness and elegance (12);

G. Malinovsky, V. Fedorov. The Quartet of cylinders (14).

All domestic cars: Y. dolmatovski, L. Shugurov. From the “US-1” to “Volyn” (17);

“NAMI-1” (19).

Small-scale mechanization: I. Kitaev. Harvest drum (22);

Thresher for maize (23).

Cybernetics, automation, electronics: B. Igoshev. Cat and mouse in the maze (24).

Readers offer: A. Terek. Momentum believes electronics (27).

Technique our friends: “Oriole” – air taxi (28);

“Wilga”… in the palm of your hand (29).

Sea collection “M-K”: (33).

Models in the world: Mikhail Mikhailov. Class “A-3” (34);

R. Ogarkov. The mass is, the skill will be! (34);

A. Perepadya. Start in flight (36);

Speed – up to 120 km/h (38);

B. Abramov, V. Alexeev. Complex: the rocket – the rocket plane (40).

Meet interesting people: Yu Arms. Three teams of Arthur Rand (42).

Club Zenit: D. Bunimovich. “Amateur” – enlarger (44).

The handyman: (46).

Sports: (48).
COVER: 1-I 4-I page – Craftsmen from the Taiga. Photo by V. Kornyushina; 2. – For the prize of “M-K”. Photos Yu Gerbova; 3rd page – In the air – experiment. Installation Of R. Musichini.
TAB: 1st page – the Quartet of cylinders. Photo montage Yulia Egorova; 2-I page – Car “US-1”. Fig. E. Molchanova; 3. – “Wilga”, Fig. E. Molchanova, photo by J. spondylitis; 4-I p. – a Submarine “Trout”. Fig. B. Lisenkov.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1974-03 PDF (download)