Yuri Stolyarov. Technical creativity and the village school (2).

Create, invent, try: G. Malinowski. Water instead of the screw (4);

Yu Rasuk. Gyroplane – design of the fuselage (8);

I. Vasiliev. Six “voices” one guitar (10).

Tech news: R. Yarov. “Gorkovchanin” – snow, a ship with a water cannon (15).

Models in the world: S. Luchnikov. The legendary squadron of Columbus (16).

The 25th anniversary of the Victory: I. Kostenko. Fighter fighters (22).

Create, invent, try!: Take an example from Kinel! (25);

I. Usenaliev. PD-10 in doubles (25).

News technical arts: F. Sunyaev, V. Jonas. “Uralets” (28);

R. Yarullin. It’s time to think about winter (28).

Pages of history: L. Dolgin. “I, I Paul, have signed this…” (29);

V. Kanaev. Space B-S-B (30).

The KLUB Meteor: V. Kandinsky. Universal “controllers” (31).

According to the foreign journals: the High “Cuckoo” (34);

Flying “submarine” (35);

Tandem – a Bicycle built for two (36).

“Write down my address…”: (37).

Advice to the Modeler: A. Kochergin. Stamping rail racks and ladders (38);

R. Ogarkov, V. Biological. Engine and fuel (38);

F. Fatykhov. Ribs of reeds (39).

The handyman: (40).

Sports: G. Reznichenko, Yu. A. Bekhterev. Race around the track model (42);

Without taking into account past deficiencies (44);

M. Mikhailov. Growing popularity of model making (45).

The youngest: A. Komar. From a roll of paper (46);

The airframe is a “flying wing” (47).

The tasks on design-wit: (47).

Ships across the seven seas: L. Skryagin, Viking (48).
COVER: 1 page – picture Molchanova E., 2nd p. – photo by B. Neumann and N. Tsypin, 3. – installation T Raskovoy. 4. – photo by A. Kuleshova, R. Strelnikova pictures.
TAB: 1-p. I – figure E. Molchanov, 2-3 pages – pictures of E. Voishvillo, 4. – photo by V. Brovko.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1970-10 PDF (download)