Big starts Artek (1).

G. Chubarova. Today – students, tomorrow – the creators (3).

Is all-Union review the work of school institutions: B. Smagin. Need club high school students (5).

Ideas competition: A. Popov. Walking transport (6).

ENEA – school innovation: What’s new bearing? (8).

Create, invent, try!: I. Shumylo. Planetarium on the wall (10);

Toy or model? (12).

Public KB “M-K”: “Kids” – the green light! (13);

V. Petrovsky. Small, but perfectly formed (14);

K. Anisimov. “Salute” on an inflatable boat (17);

G. Reznichenko. The exhibition “Soviet youth” in the United States (18).

All domestic cars: Y. dolmatovski, L. Shugurov. Unforgettable “emka” (21);

Car “GAZ-11-73” (23);

I. Boeken. The Legendary S-56 (25).

Meet the pioneer fly: V. Maleshevski. Five transistors (28).

Hams tell, advise, offer: Yuri Erokhin, V. Panov. Power under control (31).

Pages of history: “loop” – glider (36).

Models in the world: I. Novels. Recovery system model rockets (38);

V. Popov. Racing model – the champion of Europe (40).

Club “Zenit”: B. Lipilin. “Screen” to “Super” (43).

Sports: V. Egorov. Car for sport (45).

Reader – the reader: (20,42,44).

The handyman: (47).
COVER: 1 page – little micro-car “Buddy”. Photo by A. Raguzina; 2. In Artek. Installation of R. Musichini; 3. – Pictures from our readers. Installation N. Bazhenova and R. Bagautdinova; 4-I p. – Glider SK-3. Fig. E. Molchanov.
TAB: 1. Unforgettable “emka”. Fig. E. Molchanov; the 2nd and 3rd p. – Toy model. Photo by V. Kornyushina, installation A. Smyslov; 4. Submarine s-56. Fig. R. Ivanov.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1974-05 PDF (download)