The path to the profession (1).

Technique five: the Toilers of the sea (4).

ENEA – young innovator: the Extraordinary in the ordinary (6).

Our AutoCity: D. Ferber. … Electric car without the battery (8).

Public KB “M-K”: I. Sergeev. Costumes for a surfer (10).

Young technicians – production: V. Lulu. A blimp wreaking forest (11);

V. Fedotov. Snowmobile patrol green; I. Korvyakov. Than marking trees? (12).

May 9 – Day of Victory: A. Beskurnikov. Battleships tank attacks (13).

Your fighters, “summer lightning”!: V. Zubko. APC (17).

Models in the world: Konstantin Golovin. R5-M – yacht champion (21).

On land, the sky and the sea: V. Kondratev. The plane for all (28).

Sea collection “M-K”: G. Smirnov, V. Smirnov. Contender for fourth place (33).

Pages of history: V. Latyshev. At the beginnings of radio in the Country of Councils (35).

Electronics circuits: I. Aron, V. Bedanov, V. Bugaev. Simple AMY (37).

Hams tell, advise, offer: V. Efimov. Pulsed waved (38).

Devices assistants: I. Rim. A single beam as two (40).

Radiocronaca service “M-K”: (41).

Organizer of technical creativity: “Artek”, and the standard and option! (42).

The handyman: D. Petrovich. Homemade forge (46).
COVER: 1 page – model Airplanes. Photo by E. Rogov; 2. the Young techs Ufa. Installation N. Bazhenova; 3. – School for young glider pilots. Photo A. Bosi; 4-I p. – First all-Union competition in Windsurfing. Photo By B. Ruskin,
TAB: 1-p. I – Tank is-1. Fig. V. Dobrovolsky; 2. armoured personnel carrier for “Lightning”. Fig. V. Orlov; 3rd page – Yak-20. Installation P. Ozersky; 4. – Sea collection “M-K”. Fig. V. Baryshev.


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1978-05 PDF (download)