Organizer of technical creativity V. KNYAZEV. Depot, which they choose
V. MAZANCOWICE. General reserve transmasha”
Public KB “M-K”
P. ZACH. “Motorcar” — the city avtokraska

E. RUDYK. According to the diagram wedge
V. TALANOV. With a sail in the hands . Small-scale mechanization
A. GLAZKOV. Electrograph Ripper
Famous cars
E. PROCHKO. Worker of country roads . Abilites “M-K”
B. KONDRATYEV. Line intercept —Moscow
Models in the world
Yu TANNIN. Wings sailing
A. TUPIKIN. In flight the glider!
B. TIKHOMIROV. Landmark — speed
Advice to the Modeler . . . . Sea collection “M-K”
G. SMIRNOV, V. SMIRNOV. Takeoff vertically
Club house masters V. STRASHNOV. The hallway of your home
Yu. a. RYABOKON. Hangers are different
F. PROKSCH, V. SHILOV. Press the bibliophile
Tips from around the world .
For the sake of reference I’m in full-time service “M-K”
Radio control models RYBAKOV. Small size with ease
Electronics for starting VALNTINES A., PAKHOMOV Yu. Callcc becomes a giant . . . Our guest


Modelist-KONSTRUKTOR 1983-03 PDF (download)