AUTOCONTROLwithin the 18th exhibition of technical Antiques “Oldtimer Gallery”, held from 15 to 18 September 2011 in the exhibition center Crocus Expo enthusiastic technical creativity Vadim Shustrova, was organized the exhibition titled “They built the car”. “Andegraund of the Soviet automobile industry” is a tribute to the talent of designers-enthusiasts – people who do not have special education, but with the technical savvy and design talent.


V. Winkle (center in the picture below) among journalists and visitors near the car FOX, created together with like-minded Alexander Zhilin. The body is made of composite materials and weighs less than 60 kg. It is rigidly bolted to a bearing part of the chassis and the safety cage. The engine “VAZ”, located behind the seat in front of the rear axle, making the car manageable.
Vadim gathered in many parts of Russia and brought to the exhibition the miracle of the surviving rarities, because most of them are no longer operating.
The exhibition featured more than 50 home-assembled machines (mostly cars) created in the previous 50 years, and more specifically, from 1960 to 1991 years. Most of them were published in the journal “modelist-Konstruktor”. 1980-ies – the heyday of technical creativity. It and is clear: the USSR on the car it was necessary to save life, and even to stand for many years in the queue to buy it. So young and talented craftsmen have created a futuristic car “Zhiguli” of the chassis of amphibious boats, electric cars, old trucks, sports cars with motorcycle engines.
In the last 20 years, TV and the press, with rare exceptions, have ignored this kind of technical creativity. But the people in it still lived, although not on the scale becoming the prerogative of the elite – the true lovers and connoisseurs of transport equipment.
Nobody was left indifferent with these machines: made in garages, “on the knee” from improvised materials and assemblies, but often comparable to industrial designs. The condition of most of the machines are not pristine: not all their owners have enough forces and means for maintenance of proper rari-
Titov. Besides, some of their creators are no longer alive (such as the designer “Pangolins” A. kulygina, who worked in his last years at the invitation in USA and who died there in a car accident), so many of the cars have changed owners.
Forever young “YUNA” Yuri Ivanovich Algebraists (the publication about the machine, see “M-K” № 5, 2005), which is the Creator and host not only maintains in perfect condition, but constantly modernizing, equipping with modern units and assemblies, both domestic and imported.
And Dragster (special for dragracing competition car racing on 402 metres from a standing start) Candy Sagas of the organizer of the exhibition Vadim she said. Body – fiberglass, engine from the car “Oka”, forced to 102 HP Design inspired by the racing models of the 1960-ies. The body is stylized in the cab of a pickup truck, making the car look like a typical Hot Road (from English. “hot road”), it has no doors and get into the cockpit, you can only flip the entire “shell” – but it wasn’t hard since she weighs only 23 pounds.
And Futuristic “Pangolin”, built in the early 1980-ies by A. Kulygin from Ukhta on the basis of “Zhiguli” of the engine and components is one of the brightest and original homemade cars of the 1980-ies. Not for nothing designer-lover was a guest designer on AZLK, where he participated in the development of the minivan “Arbat-2139”, and after the bankruptcy of the plant – related work in the United States. Even then, the car had such innovations, which are now rarely seen even on expensive cars. For access in salon with electric rising roof with sides and glass front and side. The ground clearance is adjustable. Head lighting consists of three blocks sliding out of the hood lights. Currently the car is another owner who has upgraded the car and changed the body color from blue to red.
And the Car “Rocket” is perhaps the most exotic exhibit (unfortunately, the machine designer unknown). Presumably it was built in 1965. Cigar-shaped body made of duralumin
panels similar to the fuselage of the aircraft. The passenger sits behind the driver, and they get into the cabin through a folding plexiglass cover lamp. The chassis is made of a rare bike scheme: one front-wheel driven, rear – one leading and a pair of supporting – sides. Engine motor located in the back, drive it on the driving wheel – chain. The steering wheel is made of duralumin of the pan.
A “pioneer” is the oldest homemade car presented at the exhibition. The name assigned to the car in 2008, when he was transferred to the Museum of vintage cars and motorcycles D. Lomakov. There is a legend that built the car in 1948, prisoners of a German tinsmith from the skin of the downed plane for the son of the head of a pow camp. Engine-motor installed behind the seat in front of the rear axle.
The car participated in the parade on red square during one of the all-Union C of pioneers in the late 1940s.
And Among the homebrew had experience of building small series of similar cars. Among them, besides “KD” Eduard Molchanov and machines Scherbinin brothers, was a two-door sport sedan “Cheetah”, replicated Yaroslavl craftsmen Y. Krylov and A. Krylov (namesakes), V. Volkov, V. Kasyanov, A. Lebedev. The body is made by paonessa scheme with subframe integrated into the superstructure GRP. Powertrains used in Zaporozhets second generation ZAZ-966 and ZAZ-968. One of the cars were even equipped with an engine from reefer unit “Skoda”.
The overall exhibit is a year-round snowmobile ATV GMV-2 with the body of the fuselage of the Il-28U and “wazowski” engine was created by the now deceased Guntinas Mikhail Filippovich with his son Vsevolod from the city of Orenburg. As supports, there are four skiing and snow-free period, they are replaced by wheels. The front wheels (or skis) is operated, the rear suspension is adjustable for height by means of hydraulics to provide the necessary adhesion of the mover with the road. The engine is a crawler unit or a fifth wheel fastened rigidly to the frame under the engine between the rear supports.
The car was purchased by relatives and brought to the exhibition an enthusiast of technical creativity of Moscow Alexander Lazarev.
The first car Scherbinin brothers buggy with a fiberglass body and motorcycle engine.
Electric Elektron. The body is laminated on matrices one of the first “garage”-production cars -sports-coupe-Grand-touring Scherbinin brothers (GTSCH).
Karl Benz's Automobile
Karl Benz Car
Car Yevgeny Yakovlev and Pyotr Freze
Car Yevgeny Yakovlev and Pyotr Freze
In conclusion, it is worth noting that the exhibition was dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the automobile by Karl Friedrich Benz and the 105th anniversary of the release of Yevgeny Aleksandrovich Yakovlev and Pyotr Alexandrovich Frese of the first Russian car, a replica of which is also shown at the exhibition.

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