BIKE FOR 25 PEOPLE22-meter long bike rides only on straight roads at 60 miles an hour.

Plumber from England Colin is the Queen built a 22-meter-long motorcycle, with a capacity of 25 passengers. The miracle of technology not just exists, but goes roads. The maximum vehicle speed of about 60 kilometers per hour.

The Queen sent the video and eyewitness accounts to the Commission, which considers applications to the Guinness Book of records.

Now the moped, the motorcycle can move only on very straight roads and with only one rider. So, when riding the afterpiece, in recognition of Colin, too much teeter from side to side, and in order to enter a turn, the miracle stories would strip six times wider than normal. What is the braking distance of the machine is unknown, but we can assume that the passengers and the driver had to wait long for the stop, if the motorcycle was kept in motion all potential passengers.

In the future, the Queen plans to further strengthen the frame to roll everyone. With what materials, and how it is not yet clarified. By the way, today Colin spent on the creation of a record-breaking bike £ 3000.