POURDebilitating heat, thunderstorms with occasional showers, shallow wells and streams, and ultimately missing the harvest of root crops, dried berry bushes and fruit trees.

As is well known, especially in the hot summer surface irrigation does not bring the desired result of the sun instantly dries the water leaving the green friends without life-giving water.

Meanwhile, there is a method of intra-metered irrigation, allowing for minimal amount of water to deliver it directly to the roots, providing a continuous supply of moisture.

Device for underground metered watering of shrubs with dispensers made of plastic bottlesFirst we need to find suitable containers for water. At the bottom of each, near the bottom, you need to make a few tiny holes — the easiest way melted them with a hot needle.

Further vessels are deepened into the ground near the plants requiring watering, and the lower part, where are the holes, wrapped in burlap, and over it stretched elastic stocking will not allow the soil to silting tiny holes in the plastic.

Device for underground metered watering of shrubs with dispensers made of plastic bottlesWatering device can be upgraded to complement his so-called “drinker” — a water-filled plastic bottle, mounted on the canister.

However, all these devices are unlikely to be able to save your plants when the monstrous heat. In case of emergency, you will need a more complex machine for soil metered irrigation. Such a machine will be able to provide water to not one, but a whole group of plants, or even all the vegetation on the site. If the area is equipped with centralized water supply, automation throughout the summer season guarantees a continuous water supply to the plants.The simplest devices for metered underground irrigation using plastic jerrycans, bottles of soda water and plastic pipe

In principle, implement an automated subsurface irrigation is possible without centralized water supply system. You only need to establish the area of the water tank — the old tub or a couple of barrels.

A device for automated dosed subsurface irrigation of shrubs and garden beds with a dispenser of plastic corrugated hoseThe basis of a watering machine is buried in the ground float chamber, consisting of any suitable capacity (cropped plastic or aluminum cans, pans, cans, etc.) and fixed in a conventional float valve from the flush of the toilet tank. Capacity equipped with an outlet, which a rubber hose is connected with a metering device (as in the first embodiment is a small plastic cans or bottles of soda).

Excellent results are obtained using plastic corrugated hose (it is also available for wiring). Have just melted it with a hot needle a small hole, buried to a depth of bayonet spade in the middle of the ridges or rings around the berry bushes and connected to the float chamber. The free end of the hose to drown out the traffic.


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