GREENHOUSE WALLEvery gardener seeks more efficient to heat your greenhouse. One of the best methods of utilization of solar heat, nakaplivaetsya! on South or East wall of the stone house. To build eliteplace is quite simple. Primarily along the walls of the house dig a trench depth of 1.1 m and a width of 0.8 m. It forms the track along which you can walk among the plants. The rest of the greenhouse is a garden.

Trench sheathe “lining” or any other material. Front of perform a pit 1×1 m with a few steps. If the greenhouse will be heated over the pit and build another platform. Under the posts, the lower ends of which are pre-mixed or slightly burn for protection sewing, digging or better yet, drilled holes with a depth of 0.5—1 m and diameter 0.25 m At the bottom of each double row laid the Foundation of the four bricks of clay or cement slurry.
The gaps between the pillars and the walls of the pits filled with fine gravel and pour cement Rast thief (on the drawing conventionally not shown). Then sprinkle the ground and tamped.
The top bar is put on pillars, the lower row on the Foundation of bricks PA cement mortar. After the installation of the four pillars embedded frame.
Door unit ready to take, though quite acceptable, of course, and improvised a height of 1.6 m.
1 —wall 2 —frame greenhouse, 3 timber top, 4 pole (3 piece), 5 — unit door. 6 — the Foundation-row, 7 — pit with steps, 8 — foundations of single-row, 9 — the bar is lower. 10 — stand (4 PCs), 11 —seedlings. 12 — coating film. 13 — the covering of the trench. 14—pipe exhaust. Trims and other design elements conventionally not shown.

Slinky greenhouse film start from the bottom, clipping on the bar rails.
In the Northern areas in such a greenhouse to put the radiators, placing them against the wall, on the side of the trench And to ventilate mounted vent pipe, or cut the window.
Used wall greenhouse for growing seedlings with the first spring days, and if the heating is good and there are fluorescent lights, even earlier. In the winter in a heated greenhouse good growing greens — lettuce, parsley, onions, dill. We only need to Univesity Yes the beds to make a double coating of a polymer film.

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