Illuminator for video recording with your own hands

No any Amateur to shoot a video that would not be faced with the fact that he’s in the frame low light. Most often this happens when shooting in twilight and at night, and indoors when light from the bulb. Of course, the solution to this problem already very long been invented, but in most cases the cost of the solution makes it unavailable.


For example, the illuminators on the camera cost hundreds of dollars and more, even the best of them allow you to highlight a space only a few metres in front of the video camera. And the illuminators can be used with camcorders that are equipped with panel for attaching accessories, but in other cases their use is too uncomfortable.


If you need to make a video in the room of 50 square meters with a total coverage of 250-300 watts and if you use household electricity (220 watts) and not to think about the protection of the illuminator and the illuminator is medium in size with halogen lamp from 30 to 75 watts and powered by 220V. To build these you’ll need illuminator: halogen lamp (cost about one dollar), aluminum cans, transactions with switch and plug (price to collect two dollars) and the packaging poxipol (the price is about three dollars, one small package you will only need 3 of the illuminator). You can also to buy a set of screw connections for the wires (the cost of ten pieces, approximately one dollar is enough for five illuminators) that are needed to attach the wires to the lamp. In the end, the total price of one this illuminator will be a little less than four dollars.


You should open an aluminum can with a can opener with the two sides so that the diameter of the resulting hole was a little smaller than the maximum diameter of the bulb. After that you should cut the jar in half. Next you need to connect the bulb itself with wire, there will be any suitable screw connection. But do not forget that this lamp with a fairly long work may be heated to about 300 degrees Celsius. In the end we will get very cheap illuminator the necessary power, using it you will be able not only to increase the illumination area, where it will be filming, but just to highlight exactly the right areas

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