It all started with the purchase of notebookservice “Rex” with the engine “Honda” power of 6.5 HP, writes on the website snowmobile.ru Mr Otev from the city of Syktyvkar. But this device pulled the sleigh only on compacted snow, and travel was required everywhere and all year round. Had to create a new design. The choice fell on a front-wheel-drive version of notebookservice: it is possible to put the sprockets of the caterpillar of large diameter, which has a positive effect on traction characteristics. This contributes to the new Japanese engine capacity of 9 HP with the CVT. The motor is in a waterproof compartment.

At a speed of 25 – 28 km/h towing “Rogue” successfully overcomes the areas with deep soft snow. These same “pulaki” can go at the minimum speed of 4 km/h. After towing nearly drowned in a swamp, it was upgraded to the floating option, all bearings in suspension replaced closed. But drive chain is left open so nothing is saved. With the same purpose in front of the lower sprocket put the razor.