HELICOPTER.Berth — strange, strange-looking ship, like a flat, sprawling in the width and length of the bus. We’ve finished boarding, the passengers took their seats, already given to the mooring and ship-bus, slowly perfecting the engine, away from the pier. The engine noise increased, the water around the hull bubbled hundreds of underwater keys and then…

…How often do we say that the sacramental “suddenly”, in order to strengthen the effect of something unusual, out of the ordinary. This is an unusual present and one day came to the editorial letter.
“If the analog of the hydrofoil is plane, the fuselage of which moves in the air, and the wings in the water, what you can then compare the helicopter?” — so begins his letter, our reader A. Prokopyev from the Kemerovo region. Let’s imagine a helicopter fuselage which moves in the air, and the screw, or, more precisely, the propellers in the water.
…And suddenly, as if raised by powerful jacks, the ship crawled from the water up. That seemed four streamlined struts, and several screened for the first time, four-legged vintaged (the so-called author of the letter), gradually picking up speed, rushed out of the Bay…
The drawn picture is still fantasy, suggested by A. Prokopyeva. Let’s see what will give the implementation of this project, and is it possible.
Fig. 1. The alleged appearance of ventahood and its main modes of operation Fig. 1. The alleged appearance of ventahood and its main modes of operation
Fig. 1. The alleged appearance of ventahood and its main modes of operation:
A diagram of vintaged in cruising motion mode, B — “rise”, — hovering, G — braking.

Externally, vintaged resembles a freight or passenger platform with three or four legs-shafting. At the end of each of which is a screw, the plane of rotation of which can be arbitrarily changed in accordance with the speed and direction of movement. The device should have a device similar to the autopilot which would drive the manipulation of controls in the simultaneous concerted action of the propeller systems.
What are the advantages of such a device compared to the existing, for example, ships with underwater wings?
Obviously, the maneuverability of ventahood will be significantly higher. He is able to move the helicopter in any direction: forward, backward, sideways. Dynamic properties — the ability to accelerate and brake also, in all probability, slightly higher than that of a cruise ship.
Disadvantages of ventahood akin to a helicopter — increased capacity of the power plant and correspondingly increased fuel consumption compared to any other ships, and the speed is lower than the “Meteor” or “Missiles”, because the resistance of the screws under all other equal conditions will be higher than the resistance of the hydrofoils.
Ventahood will be used on shallow rivers, where you will not be able to go hydrofoils, because characteristics, it is as if between the machine hovercraft and hydrofoil.
…Lifted high out of the water flattened body, vintaged carefully approached the shore. From time to time his body sags into the water the driver would be measured as the depth in the proposed Parking lot, then the engine howled, foaming breakers were usually the silt and sand of shallow water, and the machine froze, swaying slightly on the supporting pillars, along with the broken hum of the engine. After a couple of minutes on the beach was filed with the ladder…

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