STARTING CORDTo run a series motor without special work can the Modeler of any skill level; not the high-speed engines. Because of the wide valve timing they sometimes play up all the short time allotted for training to start. That is why athletes try to use the starter, a mechanical device for the rotation shaft of the engine at startup.


For many years the existence of models developed by the different designs of starters, however, the electrical and mechanical with manual drive are heavy.
The simple design of the recoil starter:
1 cuff rubber (Ø 22X3. 5X23), 2 — drum D-16T, 3 — tube D-16T (Ø 10X1X40), 4 — bolt МЗХ8, 5 — tube D-16T (Ø 10Х1ХЗЗ), 6 — tube D-16T (Ø 32X1,5X200), 7 — bolt М4Х32, 8 — rubber Ø 1 (30 threads), 9 — ring OVS (2 mm), 10 — clip D-16T, 11 bearings Ø 22X10X6, 12 — SCART or cable (800 mm) 13 — stud OBC (Ø 1,5X13).

I suggest a recoil starter having small dimensions and weight of the order of 120-200 g. the starter Design is clear from the drawing, and make it may even a novice modeller.

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