THE INSTRUMENT OF THE MIRACLE WATERLong known as enjoyed a fabulous “live” and “dead” water Prince Ivan. Surprisingly, the principle of treatment it is obtained by electrolysis, is the same. First sore spot, for example the tonsils, eczema, hemorrhoids, rheumatic joints — processed “dead” water, then, after 10 minutes of “living”. At the same time, part of “living” water is consumed.
For “live” and “dead” water is composed of a rectifier for 220 V with two stainless steel electrodes. One of the electrodes, such as anode (2) placed in a canvas pouch (3), which is half liter cans (7) and serves to momentarily separate the anode (“dead”) and cathode (“live”) water after turning the unit off.

For the diode bridge (4) need high voltage diodes, although I am ready to use the diode bridge generator car. The bulb is 100 watts, is included in series (5), reduces the current and prevents fluid to overheat. For reasons of convenience and safety circuit includes a switch (6).

Installation diagram for the production of

Installation diagram for the production of “live” and “dead” water:
1 —cathode (stainless steel);

2—the anode (stainless steel);


4 — the rectifier (diode bridge);

5—bulb 100 W;


7—working capacity (glass jar* 1 l).

The processing time tap water this hour and a half. “Living” water is darkish, it may have sediment in the form of brown flakes of calcium salts, dead — whitish-white.
Lead tested recipes from angina and bronchitis. After eating, gargle with a quarter Cup of “dead” water, ten minutes drink as much “alive”.
If the disease is in the beginning, passes through the day.


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