MICROTRACKER Almost from childhood read the magazine “modelist-Konstruktor”. It has taught a lot of information about new designs, interesting ideas. Inspired by the publication in the journal, while still a high school student, remade old bike in all-terrain vehicle on low-pressure tires, then made a snowmobile with a crawler gear. And still with great pleasure interested in technical creativity.

To date, gained sufficient experience (as I believe) in the production of different capacity, design and purpose tractors.

One of my machines — microtracker “Bee”. So I called him for trouble-free performance, and more — for small dimensions and good maneuverability.

Microtracker But perhaps the main advantage of microfracture “Bee” — simplicity of design and nedvizimosti components and assemblies. However, some vehicles which used components and assemblies, have become rarities (for example, “Volga” GAZ-21, which is taken from the rear axle), but there are many other, more modern, but also appropriate. Yet it should be noted that for self-made designs is now easier to find car engine than a motorcycle.

The basis of microstructure — welded frame made of pipes of square section 40×40 mm and a wall thickness of 2 mm and angle of angles of the same size. The frame is flat, except for a U-shaped strut to the steering column and the supports for the seat. At the rear of the frame rails welded to the stockings of the rear axle.

Bulldozer gave and the bucket conventionally not shownAs the engine microfracture used the power unit of the motorcycle “IZH Planeta 3”. Its one-cylinder (with a volume of 350 cm3) two-stroke engine power 17 HP runs on a fuel mixture of gasoline and engine oil ratio is 50:1. As is known, motor power unit is a motor, interlocked with the clutch mechanism and gearbox.

Set the power unit on the frame across it, and for better cooling of the cylinder head is rotated 90°. Cooling, although still air is now forced from the home-made fan-impeller. The fan motor serves as a generator from the car ZAZ-968 (Zaporozhets). For work in hot weather provides for the installation of one additional fan.

The muffler of the engine is homemade, made out of the cavity of the car “the Zhiguli”.

The start of the engine is kick-starter. Only now the lever is not mounted directly on the output shaft, and acts on it via a chain drive. Another chain transmission includes in the transmission — it transmits the rotation from the output shaft of the power unit to the input shaft additional the gearbox (transmission). The input shaft is elongated and passes under the sump. On the extended end of the dowel is installed sprocket, and the shaft end rests on a conical bearing mounted on the crossmember of the frame. The chain tension is done by lining of extra washers under the attachment points of the powertrain to the frame.Governance arrangements dozer blade and bucket conventionally not shown

PPC is used from the UAZ-452, although it is better for this purpose would be the same unit from the UAZ-469. In the absence of the latter had to extend the scale of inclusion of the first and rear gears and install the two switching levers: one on the 3rd and 4 th gear and the other on the 1st, 2nd and reverse. Now switch handle and transfer the power unit.

Thus, microtracker has 16 forward gears and 4 speed — reverse that provides a wide range of traction characteristics.

Bulldozer gave and the bucket conventionally not shownIn addition to chain transmission and a transaxle drivetrain is a short tubular propeller shaft transmitting rotation from the output shaft to the main transmission rear axle.

Rear axle is used (as mentioned at the beginning) from the car “Volga” GAZ-21. He modified — shortened “stockings” and axles on the track wheels microfracture. Rear wheels — UAZ-469. They — and brake. The only one left brake Shoe and the hydraulic drive is replaced by mechanical.

Front steer wheels of a car “Zhiguli”. From him and the steering gear. But the wheel — from agricultural machinery (harvester IRB).

“Steering-wheel” (steering wheel) along with a used steering shaft from the car “Zaporozhets” (ZAZ-968). Here I’ll note that this car is borrowed for the tractor and the instrument panel. It is known that rural life is not restricted to conventional working hours — often because it goes beyond the light of day. Therefore, to enable work on the tractor in the dark and provided with a headlight and light alarm, adapted from agricultural transport machinery.Kinematic scheme of transmission

Wings cut and bent from steel sheet of 1.5 mm thickness. The hood is made of two upper side parts trailers motorcycles “IZH”. Floor made of corrugated steel sheet 3 mm thick.

The seat is one of the front of the car UAZ-469.

Rear hitch for equipment microfracture additional mechanisms and tools adapted from the tractor MTZ-50. Only now the hydraulic system of the lifting – lowering replaced the mechanical drive of the lever.

FramePlough single-use (horse). He shortened the drawbar and attach to the triangle mount with bolts. Also connected to microfracture and other agricultural implements: cultivator, harrow.

However, “Bee”, and like a great technique, can be used not only for cultivation of land and crops, but also as a means of transport: for the transport of all sorts needed in the economy of goods, from gardening to construction and other heavy or bulky. Therefore, especially for microstructure manufactured and lightweight uniaxial two-wheeled trailer (spring suspension with shock absorbers and even). Wheel, hub and axle of the trailer from the car ZAZ-968. The rich — of two tubes 32 mm diameter, together with the bridge form a triangle, which serves as the frame of the body.The layout of components and assemblies under the hood

My “Bee” lives up to its name, working not only in summer but almost all year round.

Layout of components and assemblies under the hoodTo use the tractor in winter as a snow thrower equipped it with a front dozer blade. The blade is made from an old 200 litre drums, increasing his ribs from the corners. The blade lift is done with a lever from the driver’s seat via cable runs with power. Lowering under its own weight.

Rear triangle suspension if you need more l-shaped bucket — kind of a mechanical shovel, made from the same barrels. This shovel is also possible to carry a small portion (mass) of soil, snow or piece goods, getting them from the land.

Summing up the story of microfracture, I want to add that he fully justified the hopes placed in it. Microtracker able to plow the land with deep furrows up to 300 mm, to tow a trailer with cargo weighing up to 650 kg at speeds up to 40 km/h, clear snow from the tracks with a width of about 1 m in a single pass.

Controls Transmission Rear hitch





Microtracker “Bee”:

1 — power unit (from a motorcycle “IZH Planeta 3”);

2 — the device forced air cooling;

3 — hood;

4 — headlight (tractor);

5 — steering wheel (from the car “Zaporozhets”);

6—the lever of inclusion 1,2-nd and reverse;

7—the lever of inclusion of 3rd and 4th transfers;

8 — the lever of a lifting-lowering rear hitch;

9—additional gear shift (UAZ-469);

10—muffler (resonator from the car “Lada”);

11—dozer blade-dozer;

12 —driven front wheel (of the car “Lada”, 2);


14—pedal “gas”;

15—the brake pedal;

16–seat (from the car UAZ-469 front);

17—wing (galvanized steel sheet s1,5,2);

18 — rear linkage (tractor T-50);

19—megapath (modified 200-litre barrel);

20—clutch pedal;

21 —Paul (corrugated steel sheet s);

22—housing of the propeller shaft (tube ∅80×2);

23 — the front suspension arms (2 pairs)

24—rear axle (from UAZ-469, modified);

25 — rear linkage (tractor MTZ-50).


Kinematic scheme of transmission:

1—power unit;

2—the main (power) chain transmission;

3—axial bearing;

4—extended input shaft of the additional transmission;

5—additional transmission;

6—the propeller shaft;

7 — main gear rear axle;

8—the axle shaft (GAZ-21 “Volga”, short, 2 PCs.);

9—front drive wheel (2 PCs.);

10—front controlled wheel.



1 —spar (tube 40x40x2, 2);

2—front crossmember (tube 40x40x2);

3—bracket-front mounting of the power unit (tube 40x40x2, 2);

4—the steering rack-the portal (pipe ∅30);

5— subframe, seat (area 40×40, 2);

6—rear cross bar (40×40 area).


The layout of components and assemblies under the hood:

1 —roller unit lifting-lowering of a dozer blade on the bracket-stand;


3—the fan motor (the alternator from the car “Zaporozhets”);

4 — the fan shroud;

5—the engine (from a motorcycle “IZH Planeta 3”);

6 — gas tank;

7 — podrulevye stand;

8, the shift lever of the power unit;

9—the lever of a cable actuator for lifting-lowering of the dozer blade;

10 — cover the propeller shaft;

11—additional gear shift (UAZ-452);

12 — muffler (resonator from the car “Lada”);

13 — exhaust pipe;

14 — main chain transmission;

15 — upper arm front wheel;

16—steering (propeller) shaft;

17 — lever enrichment of the combustible mixture;

18 — steering gear (from the car “Lada”);

19 — relay-controller;

20 — hood;


22 — rear (lower) front control arm (2 PCs.);

23—emphasis dozer blade (tube 40×40, 2);

24—air filter;

25—chain transmission of kickstarter;





Transmission and controls:

1— Carter with the clutch and gearbox of the power unit;

2— primary elongated shaft of additional gearbox;

3 — kick-starter;

4 — the lever of inclusion 1,2 gear and reverse gear;

5—pedal throttle carburetor (throttle);

6—brake pedal;

7—additional gear shift;

8 —pedal clutch;

9—the lever of inclusion of 3rd and 4th transfers;

10—cover the propeller shaft;

11—rollers of the brake pads;

12 — Carter, the main transmission and rear axle (from the car “Volga” GAZ-21);

13 — axle housing rear wheel drive (UAZ-469, short, 2 PCs.);

14—gauge rear wheel (from a UAZ-469, 2);

15—the lever of a lifting-lowering rear hitch.


Rear linkage:

1—lever rod of the lifting-lowering hinge;


3—arm (2 PCs.);

4—latch lock linkage in the raised position;

5—angle of attachment of agricultural implements;

6 — bracket fixing angle in the raised position (2 PCs.);

7 —farm implements—megapath.

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